Africa Nations Cup Winners: Winners of Each Year’s Editions

As another CAF Nations Cup is here, it is interesting to look back at the history as it definitely can lead to a whole lot of what can happen at the current Nations Cup tournament taking place this June.

The Nations Cup is full of history, thrilling matches, spectacular moments, disappointments and all the intricacy that makes Africa football one of the most spectacular games to watch.

And of course, if you are willing to place some bet on the game of soccer, then you know how important it is to know some of these things. especially if you are using a football prediction site.

Statistics, resources, group stage matches and a whole lot more can definitely help in determining what could happen in this year’s Nations Cup.

Nations Cup Past Winners

YearWinnerFinal ScoreRunnerup
2015Ivory Coast9-8Ghana
2013Nigeria1-0Burkina Faso
2012 Zambia8-7Ivory Coast
2006Egypt4-2Ivory Coast
2004Tunisia 2-1Morocco
1998Egypt2-0South Africa
1996South Africa2-0Tunisia
1994 Nigeria2-1 Zambia
1992Ivory Coast11-10Ghana
1990Algeria1-0 Nigeria
1988 Cameroon 1-0 Nigeria
1986 Egypt 5-4Cameroon
1984 Cameroon 3-1 Nigeria
1982 Ghana7-6Libya
1980 Nigeria 3-0 Algeria
1978 Ghana 2-0 Uganda
1976 Morocco1-1 Guinea
1974 Zaire 2-0 Zambia
1972 Congo 3-2 Mali
1970 Sudan 3-2 Ghana
1968 Congo DR 1-0 Ghana
1965 Ghana 3-2 Tunisia
1963 Ghana 3-0 Sudan
1962 Ethiopia 4-2 United Arab Republic
1959 United Arab Republic4-0Ethiopia
1957 Egypt 4-0 Ethiopia

Looking forward to the next edition of AFCON

The Complete CAF Nations Cup Resources

This CAF Nations Cup resources is what you need if you want to know all you need to know about the Africa Nations Cup.

As you are aware, the CAF Nation’s cup is Africa best tournament so we have decided to bring you all the information and tips you need to know about this wonderful game.

However, as you know, we are not the only site out there and trying to cover such a tournament exclusively can be hard work.

There are tons of other websites that eg the official Nations cup site, fans sites, football statistic sites, player website, related stories and news and we don’t want you to miss out on any of this.

As a result, we are presenting you our list of website that covers the Nations Cup exclusively.

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5 Top Bookmakers in Nigeria 2019

Let me pose a question to you. If you were to pick a bookmaker, which bookmakers do you think is most popular and loved by Nigeria?

Betting companies in Nigeria have come a long way and they have come to stay.

Some have come and gone, while others are waxing stronger.

Betting in Nigeria before the 90s was not very popular but change is the only thing constant in life.

The introduction of the internet touched every part of our lives, including gambling and betting. Sports betting crept quietly into the gambling arena and took us all by storm.

Football unifies everybody in the world, especially in a multi-cultural country like Nigeria.

Sports betting has, however, succeeded in taking the love for the game to another level.

There were some bookmarkers that started out great but for some reason are no longer in the scene. Others started later, however, today, have become the people’s favorite.

There are a good number of the favorite bookmakers in Nigeria but this list will focus on the top 5 favorites in the country.

Top Online Bookmakers in Nigeria According to SimilarWeb Data

  • Bet9ja – Estimated Monthly Visitors: 80.9M
  • Betking – Estimated Monthly Visitors: 10.3M
  • Betpawa – Estimated Monthly Visitors: 4.80M
  • Nairabet – Estimated Monthly Visitors: 4.60M
  • Merrybet – Estimated Monthly Visitors: 3.4M

1.Bet9ja  (

 This bookmaker can be regarded as the primus inter pares (First among equals) of all betting companies in Nigeria. Their outlets can be seen in almost every street in the country.

Bet9ja is owned by Mr Kunle Soname who also doubles as the chairman. Bet9ja was created in 2013 and is registered with the Lagos state lottery board.

Their online platform is commendable and they have lots of markets that bettors can take advantage of. With Bet9ja, you can stake with a minimum of 100 Naira and can win up to 45 million Naira.

Bet9ja is the most popular Nigeria bookmaker and it has stood the test of time in been reliable and trustworthy.

Bet9ja introduced the cash-out feature, firstly to online bettors to make them cash out an appropriate amount of money before their accumulations end, at the beginning of this year.

Bet9ja has also introduced the cash-out option  to shops and outlets all over the country, where you can opt out of accumulations before it ends while minimizing your loss and profits.

Bet9ja football virtual platform is also the best in the country. It is registered under the name KC gaming limited, Nigeria.

Merits of Bet9ja

  • It has lots of stores and offline outlets all over the country.
  • It is very regular with payment and has not been known to owe customers.
  • Agents of bet9ja have something to smile for has the collect 40% on virtual games and 30-35 % on board games
  • Fantastic customer service
  • You can play singles on Bet9ja

Demerits of Bet9ja

  • It has very low and pathetic odds
  • Its bonus is not encouraging
  • It has limited markets compared t other Nigerian bookmakers

2. Merrybet (

Merrybet Company is also one of the big betting companies in the world and they have come a long way to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in the country. A big minus for Merrybet is its lack of expansion capabilities, however, they can be reliable to do business with because of some of their mouth-watering offers.

This betting company was founded by Mr Opeyemi Fashakin, a business mogul.

You can place bets with them with just 100 Naira and win up to 50 million Naira, however, their online soccer virtual can be played with just 50 Naira.

Merrybet parades an avalanche of markets that can be exploited with appropriate research

Merits of Merrybet

  • It has very good online platforms
  • Merrybet has very good odds to bet on
  • Payment of winnings in Merrybetarevery fast up to 30mins to 2hrs
  • Friendly customer service

Demerits of Merrybet

  • There are little or no visible stores and outlets of merrybet,  thereby limiting its customers.
  • Merrybet has failed to put more markets on its platform
  • The bonuses Merrybet gives its customers on accumulations is low
  • You can’t play singles on Merrybet.

3. Nairabet  (

Nairabet betting company is owned by Otunba Akin Alabi, a House of Representative-Elect in Oyo state.

This bookmaker is one of the first bookmakers in the country, birth in 2000.

It is a very trustworthy bookmaker with a strong financial base. It has kept its name in gold and continue to give customers their expectations.

If you register as a new customer, Nairabet gives 100% bonuses of all funds credited.

The minimum amount that you can bet on is 100 naira and you can win 49 million Naira.

They are registered under the National lottery board commission.

One thing that makes Nairabetis known for is the “One ticket cut” option, where if all your winnings are green except one, you will still be paid. However, this option is subjected to certain terms and conditions.

Merits of Nairabet

  • Very good odds
  • Nairabet has included more markets on its platform
  • You can play “one game cut” ticket (subjected to terms and conditions)
  • Fast payment

   Demerits of Nairabet

  • Virtually no  outlets  for customers
  • Very unfriendly customer service
  • No promos to encourage bettors
  • Dull online platform

4.Betking  (

Betking bookie is among the newest betting companies to enter the gambling market in the country.

Despite its newness, this company has overtaken some oldies it met in the market. In fact, in terms of patronization from customers, it is second only to Bet9ja in the country now.

It was founded by Mr Adekunle Adeniji. The amount of offline outlets of Betking in the country is increasing at an astonishing rate. What makes bettors like Betking, you might ask?

The bonus is huge – very huge, you get 200% bonuses on all accumulated games. It also has various markets that have not been introduced in the country before.

Even some older bookmakers are forced to introduce some options to be able to compete favourably with Betking.

Some of their unique markets include, Substitution to score, the total number of goals in a league for the week, total numbers of red cards to be collected in a league for the week, Match flow and Goalkeeper to score. Who can beat that?

 Merits of Betking

  • Betking  has a very online platform that is customer friendly
  • The markets available on Betking are huge and very encouraging. Even other betting companies are forced to introduced some more markets on their platforms because betking introduced it.
  • If one ticket soils your ticket, you can still be paid if you follow the necessary instructions.
  • The bonus you get on Betking is huge, I mean Huge!
  • Betking has one of the biggest odds in Africa, not just Nigeria.
  • Apart from bet9ja, the number of betking outlets in the country is increasing by the day.
  • Wonderful customer service
  • Payment is prompt and on-time

Demerits of Betking

  • Its virtual soccer platform is awful.

5. Betpawa  (

Betpawa betting company is an International company that has its tentacles throughout Africa.

It gives100% bonuses on first funds credited into the account, very good odds and very fast cashouts.

What makes Betpawa unique is that you can stake with a minimum of 1 naira, yes you heard me right one naira and can win up to 25 million Naira.

This bookmaker has turned betting to a new and easy level in Nigeria. Why not try them out.

Merits of   Betpawa

  • You can bet with as low as 1 naira
  • You can deposit into your account with airtime (MTN).
  • Funds withdrawal is very fast

Demerits of Betpawa

  • Funds deposit is a bit of hassle.
  • Odds are too low
  • No visible outlets anywhere in the country.

There you have it.

My top 5 bookmakers in Nigeria and why Nigerians love or hate them. Now over to you, which of these bookmakers have you used and why do you love or hate them?