Gambling Addiction: The What, Why and How to Stop It

Getting rid of gambling addiction is just like stopping any other addiction; it is difficult, however, few people have succeeded in getting rid of it.

For many people, gambling is harmless fun, but it can become a problem if it becomes an addiction.

What is Gambling?

The act of gambling can simply be explained as staking or wagering a sum of money or something that one values to make a profit. The end result of the event of gambling is down to probabilities, so anytime you wish to gamble, you must always have it at the back of your mind
that the end result of gambling is binary (You might leave with a lot of money or you might leave with a dry pocket).

What is Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is when you have no control over your gambling. Simply put it is when you gamble excessively or when you gamble against your will

What is Gambling

The act of gambling can simply be explained as staking or wagering a sum of money or something that one values to make a profit

Why do People get addicted to gambling

idleness, gender reasons, flawed character

How can you stop gambling

1: Ensure you are busy
2: Make sure you do not have more money than you need to spend
3: Avoid triggers

What is gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is when you have no control over your gambling. Simply put it is when you gamble excessively or when you gamble against your will

Shades of Gambling

We have various forms of gambling; online and offline. Some of which are dice rolling, lotteries, poker games, blackjack, playing casino games, bingo and betting on sports.

Whichever form of gambling one engages in does not matter, but like everything in life, it must be done wisely.

Gambling, as an activity, itself is not a bad thing and it can be fun. Gettiiinggg fixated is where the problem comes in.

Why People Get Addicted to Gambling?

So why and how do people get addicted to gambling?

1. Idleness: Many people are addicted to gambling majorly because they are idle, as an axiom says that an idle hand is the devil workshop. Research done on gambling addictions have pointed to the fact that people who are out of job, work less or u different to work are more addicted to gambling than others.

2. Flawed character: Addiction to any vice shows an individual has taints in character. Everyone has one or more particular flaw, however, some people own is gambling, they don’t just know how to say no to gambling.

3. Greed: Greed occurs when you always want more and don’t know when to stop. Gambling is an avenue to get what you do not have; therefore greedy people tend to be more addictive to gambling than others.

4. Mental problems: Compulsive gamblers have been identified to have health problems, particularly mental ones. Illness likes PTSD and brain tumour have been known to cause people to gamble without succour.

5. An individual Age: Addictiveness to gambling is linked to individuals in their early years, particular in their teens to mid-age (estimated 15 to 45).Young people are known to be adventurous; therefore gambling offers them the opportunity to exercise such an adventurous spirit.

6. Gender: The male gender has been known to be more addicted to gambling than females. In fact, men outnumber female in all addictiveness. However, females who become addicted to gambling are difficult to convince to stop.

7. Having family and friends who gamble: People who have close acquaintances who gamble become more attached to gambling because they surround themselves with people with similar vices.

8. Medications: It has been discovered that using some drugs can make you addicted to gambling. Drugs like Dopamine Agonist have a slightly rare ability to make one become a compulsive gambler

9. Zodiac signs: For those that engage in palm reading and star forecasting, it has been shown that certain stars are more prone to addictive gambling than others. Individuals with the zodiac signs like Sagittarius and Aries are known to be gambling addicts

Consequences of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addictions can lead to many things. Some of the most common results of gambling addiction are:

1: Problems in a relationship: When you are addicted to gambling, then you may begin to carry some of the problems to your spouse and family. Instead of spending quality time at home with friends and family, you spend most of the time playing bets and chasing winnings. The lost time spent in gambling house will affect your relationship adversely.

2. Monetary problems: Gambling addiction will ultimately lead to financial issues. This is because in gambling the house always wins, but an individual will use funds he/she should have invested in fertile business to gamble. 95% of the time, gambling addiction leads to financial bankruptcy for an individual. A once rich and wealthy man suddenly becomes a pauper.

3. Leads to Legal problems/Imprisonment: Most people use other peoples money to gamble and by doing this, it leads to financial recklessness which may lead to jail time. The internet is filled with stories of people who because of their inability to restrain themselves from gambling used cooperative money to wager and lost shamelessly. Such people will be subject to several lawsuits from the owners of the funds

4. Health problems: Individuals who gamble compulsively always end up on the wrong side of their health. You can never be of good health when you spend all days gambling away hard-earned funds. Gambling addiction eventually leads to depression, high blood pressure, stress and ultimately stroke.

5. Job loss or low performance: An addict to gambling if he/she does not have a change of heart will always have issues with the job and boss. He will always be late to work and forget to finish his work because his mind is always on making quick money via gambling. His persistence in his approach to work will cost him his job.

6. Suicide: An addict is sure to have financial issues, family issues and job loss. When one or all three happen to them, they might start to contemplate ending their life to stop the shame and pain. If care is not taken, an addict will eventually be a suicide victim.

9 Tips to Help You Stop Gambling

If you think you have a problem with gambling and you are thinking of some of the best tips that can help you stop gambling, then you can try some of the following tips listed below

1. Always be engaged: It is said that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. Therefore, to avoid being tempted, make sure you have a job (paid or voluntary) at hand. It is not easy to stop an addiction when you have started, however it will be of great help if you are always engaged in one activity or the other to forestall a relapse.

2. Stay away from friends/close acquaintances that gamble: This does not mean you should be rude or shut-out friends that gamble, what this implies is that you make more effort to be around people that will not let you gamble if you have friends that gamble, minimize physical contact with them. Don’t let their light rekindle yours. Move with positive-minded people that will make you forget gambling as a whole.

3. Find an alternative: For those without jobs, who indulge in gambling to pass away time, you can kindly find another alternative to gambling. If you are religious, a good option is getting involved in your religious activities; doing community service, writing, meditation classes are also some of the available alternatives to gambling which will be beneficial to you in the long run.

4. Stay away from triggers: Stay away from anything that makes you think you should gamble. Some of these triggers are betting sites or betting companies. Block all betting sites from your phone or laptop, also you should stop passing by or visiting casinos or betting houses for any business. Stay clear of any environment will likely you gamble again.

5. Put someone else in charge of your money: Some people are naturally not good at handling money for long. If all you think about to do when you have money is gamble, then you need a new finance manager. Also make sure you stop having plenty cash at hand. Appoint a trusted friend or family member or employ a professional to manage your finances for you.

6. Admit you have a gambling problem: An important step in stopping gambling is to admit you have a gambling addiction. Stop lying to yourself that you have it under control. Admit your character flaw and let your family members and loved one knows. It is the first step to stop gambling addiction.

7. Read books on gambling addiction: Gambling addiction is a flaw that won’t be overcome easily, therefore it is always advisable to arm oneself before fighting such battle. There are several books available offline and online about ways to stop gambling. You need to get some of these books.

8. Talk to a counselor or psychiatrist: Apart from speaking to a family member or friend, it is always advisable to talk to a third party particularly an expert who is experienced in handling such cases like gambling and vice addictions. Although such personnel may not be free and will not come cheap, it will be worth it.

9. Join addiction support groups: Apart from your session with the counselor, it is advisable to join a support group, particularly the ones that have to do with gambling addictions. It is advisable to see other people with such a problem and learn how they were able to overcome such addictions. To find such groups, you can ask your counselor or look online for these groups, it goes a long way in mitigating your problem.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you are addicted to gambling, there is always a way out. It requires hard work and perseverance. If you are willing to commit time and funds to it, you can get your life back from gambling addiction. Don’t lose hope, time heals everything.

34 Essential Sports Betting Statistics for 2019

Do you want a list of the most essential sports betting statistics and trends?

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From the list of sports blogs to read in 2019, top bookmaker and list of top bookmaker Nigeria loved, we have been able to leverage data to lead the way in the sports betting industry.

Data “usually do not lie”.

And that is why we wanted to compile the ultimate and biggest list of insane gambling statistics.

In this sports betting statistics, you will see data that shows the most popular sporting activities people are betting on, NBA sports betting statistics, sports betting trends and data and more about the global sports betting market.

So without much ado, here they are

  1. Over $70B is spent on sport betting worldwide annually legal betting activities. We suspect this figure to be more if we are to include illegal sport betting activities.
  2. In total, the sports betting industry is estimated to be worth over $3 Trillion with an estimated $45.8billion spent on online gambling and $100 spent especially on football betting. (source)
  3. Undoubtedly while the highest amount of money staked on betting comes from the United state, Asia has the largest number of people betting on sporting activities. 
  4. Nevada remains the state with the highest amount of money spent on betting. (source)
  5. 67% of the survey responded believes that online gambling is morally right.
  6. Football, Table tennis, and Basketball remain the most popular sports gambled on in France. (source)
  7. The premier league remains the football event that is supported the most by sport betting companies. In fact, 45% of sports betting company supports the premier league, followed closely by La Liga
  8. The betting market in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria is estimated to be worth over $37billion when combined together. ( source )
  9. It is estimated that an average of $900million is spent daily on betting by Nigerians.
  10. The most popular age group involved in betting in Nigeria is 18-40
  11. Australia is the biggest loser when it comes to gambling. It is estimated that an average adult in Austria loses an average of $1,288. ( source )
  12. Younger Australians are less likely to gamble than older ones. ( source)
  13. More than 1.6billion people gamble every year worldwide. (source)
  14. Americans spend more than $150billion wagering on illegal sports betting. $8.5billion is spent on college basket games (source ) 
  15. 39% of adult Americans – about 100 million people – are either current or potential future sports bettors.
  16. The ability to place a sports bet securely is the most important factor when consumers consider future sports bets.
  17. 52% of gamblers gamble at least once a week.
  18. Amongst gamblers laptop and mobile phones remains the most popular method of accessing gambling online. ( source )
  19. On average, online gamblers have a minimum of 3 different accounts with online gambling operators.
  20. 96% of online gamblers play at home while younger gamblers are likely to gamble while commuting or while at a sporting event
  21. 26% of online gamblers follow a gambling company on a social media platform with rates highest among 18-24-year-olds.
  22. Facebook remains the most popular social media platform on which online gamblers follow gambling companies. More than 19% of gamblers are following a gambling company on Facebook while only 9% are following them on Twitter.
  23. 53% of respondents have seen a gambling advert on the television in the past week.
  24. 45% of online gamblers were prompted to spend money on a gambling activity due to the adverts that they saw, as were 49% of online gamblers (with a social media account) who saw adverts on a social media platform.
  25. 79% of respondents think there are too many opportunities for gambling nowadays and 71% think that gambling is dangerous for family life, however, 62% of respondents think that people should have the right to gamble whenever they want.
  26. 30% of respondents think that gambling is fair and can be trusted and 38% think that gambling is associated with criminal activity
  27. It is established that men gamble more than women. However, the gap is reducing as more women; as high as 41% have gambled in the last year.
  28. 45% of people gamble to win.
  29. The financial limit is the most popular management tools but only 9% of online gamblers have ever used them.
  30. 52% of people believe that gambling companies should set aside a fund to help people who developed gambling problems. ( source )
  31. Kenya is knowing to have the highest number of gambling youth in Sub Sahara Africa with the sports betting industry worth over $20Biliion. ( source )
  32. Rift valley, Nairobi and Central regions in Kenya have the most populous number of bettors.
  33. 15% of American youth have placed a bet on the NFL. ( source )
  34. 70% of American surveyed in this poll say they are more likely to watch a match if they have placed a bet on it. ( source )

While a lot of people believe that gambling not fair, it is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. For economic reasons and personal reasons, online betting and gambling will remain a core part of the society as over the NBA and MLB are likely to get richer if from legalized sport betting activities.

NB: If you come across a data that you will love to include, then please feel free to share it via email.