Africa Nations Cup Winners: Winners of Each Year’s Editions

Africa Nations Cup Winners: Winners of Each Year’s Editions

As another CAF Nations Cup is here, it is interesting to look back at the history as it definitely can lead to a whole lot of what can happen at the current Nations Cup tournament taking place this June.

The Nations Cup is full of history, thrilling matches, spectacular moments, disappointments and all the intricacy that makes Africa football one of the most spectacular games to watch.

And of course, if you are willing to place some bet on the game of soccer, then you know how important it is to know some of these things. especially if you are using a football prediction site.

Statistics, resources, group stage matches and a whole lot more can definitely help in determining what could happen in this year’s Nations Cup.

Nations Cup Past Winners

YearWinnerFinal ScoreRunnerup
2015Ivory Coast9-8Ghana
2013Nigeria1-0Burkina Faso
2012 Zambia8-7Ivory Coast
2006Egypt4-2Ivory Coast
2004Tunisia 2-1Morocco
1998Egypt2-0South Africa
1996South Africa2-0Tunisia
1994 Nigeria2-1 Zambia
1992Ivory Coast11-10Ghana
1990Algeria1-0 Nigeria
1988 Cameroon 1-0 Nigeria
1986 Egypt 5-4Cameroon
1984 Cameroon 3-1 Nigeria
1982 Ghana7-6Libya
1980 Nigeria 3-0 Algeria
1978 Ghana 2-0 Uganda
1976 Morocco1-1 Guinea
1974 Zaire 2-0 Zambia
1972 Congo 3-2 Mali
1970 Sudan 3-2 Ghana
1968 Congo DR 1-0 Ghana
1965 Ghana 3-2 Tunisia
1963 Ghana 3-0 Sudan
1962 Ethiopia 4-2 United Arab Republic
1959 United Arab Republic4-0Ethiopia
1957 Egypt 4-0 Ethiopia

Looking forward to the next edition of AFCON

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