What is ESports Betting: A Complete Guide for 2019

The brilliant thing about sports betting is that there are so many different things you can bet on nowadays.

Most online betting companies have a plethora of sports for you to choose from.

At the forefront of modern sports betting there is something called eSports.

If you don’t know what eSports is then don’t worry. This informative guide will walk you through it and tell you how to bet on it and what you can bet on.

Get yourself nice and comfortable, and start reading:

Define eSports

Before we get into the interesting information on how to bet on eSports, you need to know what it is. Its name is an abbreviation of ‘electronic sports’ and refers to sports played on electronic systems. The most common type of eSports is video games. Typically, you will find professional eSports teams that go head to head against one another in tournaments.

eSports has officially been around since 1972 when the first professional video game tournament was held. Eight years later, and a video game championship was organised by Atari – the makers of Space Invaders – which received lots of attention over in the US. However, it’s only been recently where eSports has grown to the point where it enters betting markets. Popularity has risen, and there are now frequent tournaments to bet on all over the world. It’s an especially popular market for young people.

Popular eSports Games

Naturally, there are many video games out there that people can play. However, only a select few have become popular eSports games to bet on. Typically, you’re looking at video games that fall into either of these three categories; first person shooter, strategy, or multi-player online battle arena. In this section, I’ve listed a few of the most popular eSports that people bet on today:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

CS: GO is the most popular first person shooter in the eSports world. It’s perhaps not the most played shooter by regular gamers, but, it’s one of the best games to bet on. Gameplay is fairly easy to follow which makes it exciting to watch. There are two teams; terrorists and counter-terrorists, with each team having an objective. The round will end when the objective is complete or all members of the opposing team have been killed. The first team to win a set number of rounds wins the match.

You can bet on CS: GO via any popular betting website online. You should look for tournaments and can bet on things like the winners of the tournament, winners of a match, or even which team wins the first round. Some bookmakers even let you bet on individual players!

League Of Legends (LoL)

LoL is possibly the most popular multiplayer online battle arena game out there at the moment. Players get to control a character in the game known as ‘champion.’ Their champion has different skills and will compete against other champions. To win a game of LoL, you must destroy the opposing teams building (Nexus). Players improve their champion throughout the game by gaining powers and obtaining items.

There are loads of LoL tournaments that take place throughout the year and include some of the best professional players in the world. You can bet on the outcome of matches, the first team to get a certain number of kills, and even the correct score.

StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty

The most popular strategy game to be on has to be StarCraft II. It’s a game that’s split into three different parts; the main game (Wings of Liberty) focuses on a unit called the Terrans. Then, there are two expansion packs (Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void) which include two new units called the Zerg and the Protoss.

People can bet on Starcraft II in numerous ways using a virtual currency called StarCraft minerals. However, you can always bet with real money too, on markets such as match winner, map winner, and various handicaps. There are regular StarCraft tournaments that capture large audiences on a monthly basis.

eSports Betting Tips

At this stage, you’re probably very eager to go and bet on an eSports match or tournament. Before you do, we’ll give you some tips to help you get more out of your bets and make some money.

Spend Some Time Watching eSports

It’s likely you’ll have no clue about any of the teams or players involved in eSports. So, it makes sense to do some research and watch a few matches before you bet. Most tournaments are streamed online for free at places like Twitch. My advice is to pick a video game or two and specialise in it. Watch plenty of matches and get to grips with the best teams, players, etc. Now, you can make more informed bets that stand a better chance of winning.

Look For The Best Odds

There are plenty of popular online bookmakers that now provide eSports betting markets. It’s your job to ensure you compare which one provides the best odds for the market you’re betting on. The top eSports bookmakers include; Bet365, BetwayLadbrokesWilliam Hill, and Pinnacle. They all offer broad markets on various video games. One quick note; not all bookmakers will offer markets on every eSports game out there. So, be sure to look around and find one that deals with the video game you’re interested in.

Find Value Bets

Treat eSports betting just like regular sports betting and find the best value bets. Bet on match handicaps instead of the match result when good teams are playing bad teams. Take a look at all the different markets, and you will often find bets that present great value. First to a certain amount of kills is great value in games like CS: GO and LoL.

eSports is fastly becoming one of the most popular sports to bet on. It’s very similar to betting on regular sports matches and tournaments, it just involves video games. The odds system is the same, and you can place bets just like any other sport.

If you’re looking for something new to bet on, why not give eSports a go? While at it, check out our beginner’s guide to football betting.

Gambling Addiction: The What, Why and How to Stop It

Getting rid of gambling addiction is just like stopping any other addiction; it is difficult, however, few people have succeeded in getting rid of it.

For many people, gambling is harmless fun, but it can become a problem if it becomes an addiction.

What is Gambling?

The act of gambling can simply be explained as staking or wagering a sum of money or something that one values to make a profit. The end result of the event of gambling is down to probabilities, so anytime you wish to gamble, you must always have it at the back of your mind
that the end result of gambling is binary (You might leave with a lot of money or you might leave with a dry pocket).

What is Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is when you have no control over your gambling. Simply put it is when you gamble excessively or when you gamble against your will

What is Gambling

The act of gambling can simply be explained as staking or wagering a sum of money or something that one values to make a profit

Why do People get addicted to gambling

idleness, gender reasons, flawed character

How can you stop gambling

1: Ensure you are busy
2: Make sure you do not have more money than you need to spend
3: Avoid triggers

What is gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is when you have no control over your gambling. Simply put it is when you gamble excessively or when you gamble against your will

Shades of Gambling

We have various forms of gambling; online and offline. Some of which are dice rolling, lotteries, poker games, blackjack, playing casino games, bingo and betting on sports.

Whichever form of gambling one engages in does not matter, but like everything in life, it must be done wisely.

Gambling, as an activity, itself is not a bad thing and it can be fun. Gettiiinggg fixated is where the problem comes in.

Why People Get Addicted to Gambling?

So why and how do people get addicted to gambling?

1. Idleness: Many people are addicted to gambling majorly because they are idle, as an axiom says that an idle hand is the devil workshop. Research done on gambling addictions have pointed to the fact that people who are out of job, work less or u different to work are more addicted to gambling than others.

2. Flawed character: Addiction to any vice shows an individual has taints in character. Everyone has one or more particular flaw, however, some people own is gambling, they don’t just know how to say no to gambling.

3. Greed: Greed occurs when you always want more and don’t know when to stop. Gambling is an avenue to get what you do not have; therefore greedy people tend to be more addictive to gambling than others.

4. Mental problems: Compulsive gamblers have been identified to have health problems, particularly mental ones. Illness likes PTSD and brain tumour have been known to cause people to gamble without succour.

5. An individual Age: Addictiveness to gambling is linked to individuals in their early years, particular in their teens to mid-age (estimated 15 to 45).Young people are known to be adventurous; therefore gambling offers them the opportunity to exercise such an adventurous spirit.

6. Gender: The male gender has been known to be more addicted to gambling than females. In fact, men outnumber female in all addictiveness. However, females who become addicted to gambling are difficult to convince to stop.

7. Having family and friends who gamble: People who have close acquaintances who gamble become more attached to gambling because they surround themselves with people with similar vices.

8. Medications: It has been discovered that using some drugs can make you addicted to gambling. Drugs like Dopamine Agonist have a slightly rare ability to make one become a compulsive gambler

9. Zodiac signs: For those that engage in palm reading and star forecasting, it has been shown that certain stars are more prone to addictive gambling than others. Individuals with the zodiac signs like Sagittarius and Aries are known to be gambling addicts

Consequences of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addictions can lead to many things. Some of the most common results of gambling addiction are:

1: Problems in a relationship: When you are addicted to gambling, then you may begin to carry some of the problems to your spouse and family. Instead of spending quality time at home with friends and family, you spend most of the time playing bets and chasing winnings. The lost time spent in gambling house will affect your relationship adversely.

2. Monetary problems: Gambling addiction will ultimately lead to financial issues. This is because in gambling the house always wins, but an individual will use funds he/she should have invested in fertile business to gamble. 95% of the time, gambling addiction leads to financial bankruptcy for an individual. A once rich and wealthy man suddenly becomes a pauper.

3. Leads to Legal problems/Imprisonment: Most people use other peoples money to gamble and by doing this, it leads to financial recklessness which may lead to jail time. The internet is filled with stories of people who because of their inability to restrain themselves from gambling used cooperative money to wager and lost shamelessly. Such people will be subject to several lawsuits from the owners of the funds

4. Health problems: Individuals who gamble compulsively always end up on the wrong side of their health. You can never be of good health when you spend all days gambling away hard-earned funds. Gambling addiction eventually leads to depression, high blood pressure, stress and ultimately stroke.

5. Job loss or low performance: An addict to gambling if he/she does not have a change of heart will always have issues with the job and boss. He will always be late to work and forget to finish his work because his mind is always on making quick money via gambling. His persistence in his approach to work will cost him his job.

6. Suicide: An addict is sure to have financial issues, family issues and job loss. When one or all three happen to them, they might start to contemplate ending their life to stop the shame and pain. If care is not taken, an addict will eventually be a suicide victim.

9 Tips to Help You Stop Gambling

If you think you have a problem with gambling and you are thinking of some of the best tips that can help you stop gambling, then you can try some of the following tips listed below

1. Always be engaged: It is said that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. Therefore, to avoid being tempted, make sure you have a job (paid or voluntary) at hand. It is not easy to stop an addiction when you have started, however it will be of great help if you are always engaged in one activity or the other to forestall a relapse.

2. Stay away from friends/close acquaintances that gamble: This does not mean you should be rude or shut-out friends that gamble, what this implies is that you make more effort to be around people that will not let you gamble if you have friends that gamble, minimize physical contact with them. Don’t let their light rekindle yours. Move with positive-minded people that will make you forget gambling as a whole.

3. Find an alternative: For those without jobs, who indulge in gambling to pass away time, you can kindly find another alternative to gambling. If you are religious, a good option is getting involved in your religious activities; doing community service, writing, meditation classes are also some of the available alternatives to gambling which will be beneficial to you in the long run.

4. Stay away from triggers: Stay away from anything that makes you think you should gamble. Some of these triggers are betting sites or betting companies. Block all betting sites from your phone or laptop, also you should stop passing by or visiting casinos or betting houses for any business. Stay clear of any environment will likely you gamble again.

5. Put someone else in charge of your money: Some people are naturally not good at handling money for long. If all you think about to do when you have money is gamble, then you need a new finance manager. Also make sure you stop having plenty cash at hand. Appoint a trusted friend or family member or employ a professional to manage your finances for you.

6. Admit you have a gambling problem: An important step in stopping gambling is to admit you have a gambling addiction. Stop lying to yourself that you have it under control. Admit your character flaw and let your family members and loved one knows. It is the first step to stop gambling addiction.

7. Read books on gambling addiction: Gambling addiction is a flaw that won’t be overcome easily, therefore it is always advisable to arm oneself before fighting such battle. There are several books available offline and online about ways to stop gambling. You need to get some of these books.

8. Talk to a counselor or psychiatrist: Apart from speaking to a family member or friend, it is always advisable to talk to a third party particularly an expert who is experienced in handling such cases like gambling and vice addictions. Although such personnel may not be free and will not come cheap, it will be worth it.

9. Join addiction support groups: Apart from your session with the counselor, it is advisable to join a support group, particularly the ones that have to do with gambling addictions. It is advisable to see other people with such a problem and learn how they were able to overcome such addictions. To find such groups, you can ask your counselor or look online for these groups, it goes a long way in mitigating your problem.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you are addicted to gambling, there is always a way out. It requires hard work and perseverance. If you are willing to commit time and funds to it, you can get your life back from gambling addiction. Don’t lose hope, time heals everything.

34 Essential Sports Betting Statistics for 2019

Do you want a list of the most essential sports betting statistics and trends?

At BettingWins24, we love data…

From the list of sports blogs to read in 2019, top bookmaker and list of top bookmaker Nigeria loved, we have been able to leverage data to lead the way in the sports betting industry.

Data “usually do not lie”.

And that is why we wanted to compile the ultimate and biggest list of insane gambling statistics.

In this sports betting statistics, you will see data that shows the most popular sporting activities people are betting on, NBA sports betting statistics, sports betting trends and data and more about the global sports betting market.

So without much ado, here they are

  1. Over $70B is spent on sport betting worldwide annually legal betting activities. We suspect this figure to be more if we are to include illegal sport betting activities.
  2. In total, the sports betting industry is estimated to be worth over $3 Trillion with an estimated $45.8billion spent on online gambling and $100 spent especially on football betting. (source)
  3. Undoubtedly while the highest amount of money staked on betting comes from the United state, Asia has the largest number of people betting on sporting activities. 
  4. Nevada remains the state with the highest amount of money spent on betting. (source)
  5. 67% of the survey responded believes that online gambling is morally right.
  6. Football, Table tennis, and Basketball remain the most popular sports gambled on in France. (source)
  7. The premier league remains the football event that is supported the most by sport betting companies. In fact, 45% of sports betting company supports the premier league, followed closely by La Liga
  8. The betting market in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria is estimated to be worth over $37billion when combined together. ( source )
  9. It is estimated that an average of $900million is spent daily on betting by Nigerians.
  10. The most popular age group involved in betting in Nigeria is 18-40
  11. Australia is the biggest loser when it comes to gambling. It is estimated that an average adult in Austria loses an average of $1,288. ( source )
  12. Younger Australians are less likely to gamble than older ones. ( source)
  13. More than 1.6billion people gamble every year worldwide. (source)
  14. Americans spend more than $150billion wagering on illegal sports betting. $8.5billion is spent on college basket games (source ) 
  15. 39% of adult Americans – about 100 million people – are either current or potential future sports bettors.
  16. The ability to place a sports bet securely is the most important factor when consumers consider future sports bets.
  17. 52% of gamblers gamble at least once a week.
  18. Amongst gamblers laptop and mobile phones remains the most popular method of accessing gambling online. ( source )
  19. On average, online gamblers have a minimum of 3 different accounts with online gambling operators.
  20. 96% of online gamblers play at home while younger gamblers are likely to gamble while commuting or while at a sporting event
  21. 26% of online gamblers follow a gambling company on a social media platform with rates highest among 18-24-year-olds.
  22. Facebook remains the most popular social media platform on which online gamblers follow gambling companies. More than 19% of gamblers are following a gambling company on Facebook while only 9% are following them on Twitter.
  23. 53% of respondents have seen a gambling advert on the television in the past week.
  24. 45% of online gamblers were prompted to spend money on a gambling activity due to the adverts that they saw, as were 49% of online gamblers (with a social media account) who saw adverts on a social media platform.
  25. 79% of respondents think there are too many opportunities for gambling nowadays and 71% think that gambling is dangerous for family life, however, 62% of respondents think that people should have the right to gamble whenever they want.
  26. 30% of respondents think that gambling is fair and can be trusted and 38% think that gambling is associated with criminal activity
  27. It is established that men gamble more than women. However, the gap is reducing as more women; as high as 41% have gambled in the last year.
  28. 45% of people gamble to win.
  29. The financial limit is the most popular management tools but only 9% of online gamblers have ever used them.
  30. 52% of people believe that gambling companies should set aside a fund to help people who developed gambling problems. ( source )
  31. Kenya is knowing to have the highest number of gambling youth in Sub Sahara Africa with the sports betting industry worth over $20Biliion. ( source )
  32. Rift valley, Nairobi and Central regions in Kenya have the most populous number of bettors.
  33. 15% of American youth have placed a bet on the NFL. ( source )
  34. 70% of American surveyed in this poll say they are more likely to watch a match if they have placed a bet on it. ( source )

While a lot of people believe that gambling not fair, it is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. For economic reasons and personal reasons, online betting and gambling will remain a core part of the society as over the NBA and MLB are likely to get richer if from legalized sport betting activities.

NB: If you come across a data that you will love to include, then please feel free to share it via email.

Football Betting Resources and Guide

What are the best football betting resources to help you win more bets?

You see winning football betting is what anyone can do.

The good part of it is that you can do it on your own if you are an advanced punter.

With the number of information, tools, resources available today on a lot of football website, most people can sort of just navigate their way around it.

But if you are just a beginner, navigating the world of soccer betting can be tough.

Very tough.

This is because not all this betting resources can be very useful.

This is why we have decided to create this link of handy resources for anyone who wants to learn how to master the art and science of football betting.

No matter what level you are, you will definitely find something worth reading in this curated list. If you do, please take time to share with someone who you think might need the information to make better judgement.

And if you think, we missed an article, kindly send to adeleke@bettingwins24.com. I will go through it and if it is useful, will definitely add it to the list.

Let’s jump right in.

#1: Soccer Betting Advice

#2: Understanding Football Betting Systems

#3: How Odds Works in Football Betting

#4: The Various Types of Betting and How It Works

#5: Advanced Football Betting Strategies

#6: Understanding BookMakers

#7: Betting Calculators

#8: Top Betting Blogs to Read

There you have it. The best football betting resources to help you learn and master the art of football betting. If you find this resource useful, please take time to share it.

Handicap Betting Guide: All You Need to Know About Handicap Betting

A lot of people wonder what Handicap betting is.

And as football betting during the 21st century has been a source of fun and a profit-making endeavor.

However, to limit losses, a bettor needs to be aware and knowledgeable about various markets available so that one can make available gains.

The type of market staked on will depend on the sports you have knowledge about. Our discussion today will be on one of the popular market, handicap betting.

What is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting also known as line betting, the spread, points betting, or Asian handicap, handicap betting is the process whereby a bookmaker makes a sporting event in which there are varied odds into an even-money contest, by giving a virtual advantage or disadvantage to certain competitors in order to even the field.

In points-based sports, an even money contest is typically created by simply adding points onto the side deemed to be the underdog.

For example, if Newcastle United were favourites’ to beat Manchester City, the bookmaker might give Manchester city a 1-0 handicap advantage.

If you then place a handicap bet on Newcastle to win, but they only win the game 1-0, you will lose your bet, due to the handicap that had been applied. Effectively, in the eyes of the bookmaker, Newcastle lost the game 2-1.

Always bear in mind that in handicap betting, the handicap only applies to the selection you are betting on.

Similar to the game mentioned, if you placed a handicap bet on Peru vs. Uruguay, and the bookmaker had set the handicap at 3-0, your bet on Peru would still pay out even if Uruguay won the game 2-0, as in the eyes of the bookmaker Peru would have been 3-2 winners.

How Does Handicap Betting Works?

Using the above example involving Newcastle United vs. Manchester City, the handicap match betting might be presented as follows:

Newcastle United (-2) evens

Handicap Tie (-1) 3/1

Manchester City (+2) 2/1

The match ended in a 1-0 victory for Newcastle, but if you bet on Newcastle to win you wouldn’t win the market. Newcastle would have needed to score as many goals as the handicap in order for your bet to pay out.

If you stake on the handicap draw, you would win your bet, as Leeds won by the exact margin specified in the handicap. When betting on a handicap tie, it is the margin of the win rather than the number of goals scored that is important.

If you bet on Manchester City to win, you would win, as they successfully won the game 2-1 in the eyes of the bookmaker.

If the competitors in the event you are placing a bet on are deemed by the

Bookmaker to be evenly matched, you might see the lexicon ‘scratches’ (sometimes presented as ‘scr’ by bookmakers) instead of a handicap betting market. This means that there are no handicaps applied to the game, and the actual winners will be viewed as the market winners by the bookmaker.

Using the above example involving Newcastle United vs. Manchester City, the handicap match betting might be presented as follows:

Newcastle United (-2) evens

Handicap Tie (-1) 3/1

Manchester City (+2) 2/1

The match ended in a 1-0 victory for Newcastle, but if you bet on Leeds to win you wouldn’t win the market. Newcastle would have needed to score as many goals as the handicap in order for your bet to pay out.

How Does 0.5 Handicap Work?

This type of handicap market works when you give a slightly inferior team one goal ahead of a perceived superior team. In this type of market, a goal is hoped to be enough to give one an edge and possible profit. A typical example of this market is when the North London derby is played at the Emirates stadium which is home to Arsenal FC. It is expected that this type of game will be cagey. Therefore, a punter might give Arsenal one goal ahead of spurs and stake hugely. The odds usually allocated to this market type is low, bettors are advised to stake high.

What Is Two Way Handicap Betting?

With the two way handicap betting, you have two avenues of winning, similar to “Winning bet”, “Moneyline”, “Puckline” or “Draw no bet”. If the match ends in a draw or if your chosen team wins, you either win your stake or your money is returned.

These types of market happen usually in sports that can never end in a stalemate (e.g. tennis, basketball, etc.) or in sports where, if stalemate occurs, the kind of stake is struck out and rendered invalid and the amount of stake placed as the real bet is usually returned to the punter.

What Does Handicapped Mean In American Football Betting?

American football is popularly known as the NFL is, without a doubt, the most popular sport worldwide for handicap betting. Throughout the NFL and College football seasons, millions of gamblers over the nation and undoubtedly the world, stake on American football handicaps. A typical example will be illustrated below:

So let’s say today the Chicago Bears are playing the Detroit Lions. The bookmakers have made the bears a 2.5 point favourite.

What does this simply imply?

What this means is that if you stake on the bears, they have to be victorious by 3 points or higher for you to win the stake. If you gamble on the lions, they should either win or lose by 2 points or less.

Let us illustrate it better in this manner:

Chicago bears -2.5 vs. Detroit Lions +2.5.

It might not look straightforward, but it’s actually not hard to. Understand. Let us say you stake on the bears, you subtract 2.5 points from the eventual score (-2.5) and if their score is still higher than the Bears’ final score, you win the stake.

However, on the other hand, if you stake on the lions, you add 2.5 points (+2.5) to their eventual score. After adding those points the Lions’ score is higher than the Bears, you are victorious with your stake.

What Does Handicap Three Ways Mean In Betting?

In a 3-Way Handicap betting, the rule is set so that there can also be an outcome that is a stalemate, giving the bettor 3 potential possible stakes. Handicap (-1) means you win if your team wins the match with a difference of two or more goals. Tie: The match is won if the team with (-1) Handicap wins the match with exactly one goal difference. Handicap (+1) means you win if your team draws or win the match. In this betting type; your probability to make a profit is high.

In a nutshell, handicap betting is a fertile land that needs to be properly researched and mined properly by punters and bettors in general; it is a bet type that should be considered and played mostly in a single type and not in multiples.

This is encouraged so as to take appropriate advantage of its features.

You have to be careful of odds assigned to this game type by bookmakers and not be greedy, I will advise you consider handicap of two goals above to perceived weak teams against relatively strong teams and just play it as a single game and put huge amount.

For example is Chelsea FC versus stoke should be played like this: give stoke away 3 goals. Let’s say a bookmaker gives 1.30 odds and put a thousand dollars to win 300 dollars.

Play it single and consider variables explained above. Gamble wisely and responsibly

Top 100 Football Blogs Every Fan Should Follow 2020

Looking for the top football blogs fans should be reading?

Over 3.5billion people watched the last world cup making football one of the most popular sports in the world.

However, keeping up with the latest news, statistics and information about football can be daunting.

That is why we have created this list of the top sports blogs every fan should follow in 2019.

To come up with our list, we had to analyses over a 1000 football blogs and based on the following criteria, we came up with a list of the best of the best blogs in the world.

How we arrived at our list:

  • Quality of post – how actionable or informative the articles on the site are. We could only take a sample as we could not analyses all articles on the whole site.
  • Frequency of post – This is not a very important weight factor but how often a site posts is also an indication of recency to the latest happening in the industry
  • How long sports blogs have been in existence – Yes, the older you are, the more likely experienced you are
  • Alexa Ranking – We took a look at the global Alexa ranking factor
  • Twitter Engagement – How much engagement the site is getting on an average on twitter

Based on these criteria, we assigned a BTW24 score to each of the soccer blogs on our list. Below is the result of our analysis. If you want you can check out the full raw data here.

Top Soccer Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2020

  • Off the Post
  • The Kop Times
  • WhySayAnthing
  • ICFootballNews
  • OOB
  • AFootball Report
  • The Coaching Column
  • Goal
  • ArseBlog
  • 101 Great Goals

PS: Congratulations to all our winners. Here is a badge to show that hard work and passion pays off. This ist is maintaned by BTW24, a football predictions site. If you feel we miss a site that should be on the list, please email:adeleke@bettingwins24.com

top football blog

#1: Off The Post:

Launched in the early days of September in the year 2008 with over 10 million readers, Off The Post is regarded as one of the excellent football sites with the sole aim of bringing to its readers’ doorstep all the latest news, views, rumour and humour associated with the beautiful game.  

#2: The Kop Times:

Boasting of over 50 blogs and 250 writers, The Kop Times is a football website founded by a group of football fans and gives an assurance to be the voice of the silent fan. It is proudly a part of Football Friends Online Blog Network and is dedicated to Liverpool Football Club and all its fans.  

#3: WhySayAnything:

With the motto “Quality before Quantity”, WhySayAnything came to life under the directorship of owner and Editor, Iain Anderson, a Macunian living in Spain. Its first post was recorded back in July 2015, initially, the website kicked off as a source of different topics but it was noticed that any article related to football got more attention than the others and so,  subsequently, the articles became streamlined to everything football and have strived to keep to its motto.

#4: Outside of the Boot:

Models itself after the delicate football technique which is difficult to execute and prides itself in delivering unusual articles to its readers such that can’t be found on other football blogs. It started on August 15, 2012, and has since grown into a website that has lots to offer in varying nature while not losing its capability to do more.   

#5: A Football Report:

An independent web source focused on football prediction, it guarantees its viewers latest daily football stats, detailed information of the forms of betting markets and game analysis. That doesn’t seem to be all as they also offer free tips on a daily basis.

#6: The Coaching Column:

The Coaching Column created by Gillen is a website dedicated to sharing coaching ideas and information he has learned over a period of time and this information is now distilled into articles on the site. The Coaching column has also won other awards in the industry.

#7: ICFootballNews

Do you want the latest transfer news and unbiased insights about your favorite club including Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Newscastle and Tottenham? Then you are in the right place. Although created in 2018, the site has grown to be loved and read monthly by over 250,00 readers. If you love and breathe football, then check it out.

#8: Goal. Com:

From football news to reporting live scores, not leaving out detailed information on leagues and their cups, not forgetting the juicy stories of transfers and downloads on teams and tips on betting, goal.com offers its readers need-to-know on everything football. 

#9: ArseBlog:

Dedicated to the Arsenal Club and all its fans worldwide, Arse blog has set its sights and inevitably its works on Arsenal, recounting all their past glories and hopefully the recent ones to come.

#10: 101Great Goals:

boasts of a growing audience of over 5 million monthly users across the world. It is dedicated to creating consistent, socially focused and engaging soccer news, videos and social media updates by the hour, for every day of the week.  

#11: Copa90:

describes itself as the home of global football fan culture, it is of the staunch belief that football is a universal language and it prides itself on the ability to speak the language fluently by ensuring that they entertain, engage through chats and debates at the same time dishing out in-depth documentaries about fan culture.

#12: Talk Chelsea:

As the name implies, it is dedicated to the Chelsea Club and all its ardent fans, it is a website run by a group of Chelsea fans across the world. It provides its readers with forums where they get to interact with other blues fans with the aim of bringing fans together from all walks of life to share their views and opinions on everything Chelsea.   

#13: The Peoples Person:

Founded in April 2011, The Peoples Person is totally sold out to Man United club and its fans and ensures that it provides the latest news on the club including transfer news, engaging match day coverage and welcome insight and informed opinions. It keeps all Man Utd fans abreast of what is happening in their dear club and this places it as one of the top Man Utd football blogs. 

#14: This is Anfield:

is a merger between two fans sites; LFC Kop and Anfield FC, it was kick-started in the late period of 2001. It is a football site dedicated to Liverpool Club and its fans, it has over the years amassed an enormous amount of information, reports and articles. With the aim of providing Liverpool fans with a place of having easy access to first-hand information, this site dishes out articles on a regular basis and airs the opinions of fans

#15: The Empire of the Kop:

is another football website dedicated to all Liverpool Fans and the Club itself. It encourages freelancing and is known to hold respect in the highest regards; fans are free to air their opinions, however, disrespect of any kind, words bordering on violence or is xenophobic in nature is frowned upon and discouraged. However, it is a website geared towards creating a relaxing and engaging atmosphere for all Liverpool fans.

#16: Soccer Lens:

Soccer Lens was founded by Ahmed Bilal on April 2006, its objectives are to provide their readers with information that are based on facts rather than speculations, using the right frame and viewpoint. It also promises its viewers detailed information on all the angles and news on football while keeping them entertained and engaged with other fans with a mutual passion.

#17: Chelsea Daft:

is another football website dedicated to the Blues Club and its enormous fans worldwide. It offers the best range of news on Champions League, Football Association Cup, Premier League, offering videos of highlights and definitely delivering on transfer rumours. It is the home of all Chelsea fans and affords them the platform to air their opinions.

#18: Caught Off Side:

is a football site that caters to diverse football fans, providing them with highlights videos and information on different matches including Premier League, Championship and their likes. It doesn’t leave out tantalizing transfer rumours and of course juicy stories on wives and girlfriends of soccer stars(WAGS).

#19: Soccer News:

With the single-mindedness of providing news from all major soccer leagues across Europe and other parts of the globe, Soccer News keeps its viewers entertained by supplying quality daily news about favourite teams, leagues and players ranging from football news, promotions for all major leagues, betting tips to detailed write-ups on all major premier league events. It doesn’t leave out information on results, live scores, fixtures and many more. Little wonder it is rated as one of the most sought-for football blogs. 

#20: Bundesliga Fanatic:

The Bundesliga Fanatic is a soccer blog dedicated to publishing information not only about the English premier leaque but also soccer news, analysis and trends about the German and Bundesliga soccer world 

#21: Le Grove:

Set up in late 2007 by Geoff and Pedro, Le-Grove is a place where Arsenal fans could discuss everything and anything football without the fear of violent accusation. Almost 5 years down the line, the site boasts of over 1600 posted articles. It keeps its readers entertained by posting on current club happenings every day of the week. This site is committed to keeping Arsenal die-hard fans entertained and not out of its sight.

#22: La Liga Blog:

Just as the name implies, this site is sold out to the Spanish La Liga and presents up-to-date information on football results, La Liga soccer news, league tables, views, results, opinions and fixtures. It was founded in2011 by a Spanish football enthusiast and has continued to thrive, always ensuring that it delivers the best Spanish football coverage on the net. 

#23: SGF Soccer:

is the Southwest Missouri’s Soccer Resource, the go-to place for all soccer news on the Southwest Missouri’s football; matches, teams, players, resources available, name it, is ensured to be available for interested viewers.

#24: Wow secrets:

Offer numerous mouth-watering articles covering all forms of games, from baseball to basketball to cricket to fishing to football to clubs and events, name it. They are provided for the consumption of its readers and to keep their eyes glued to the end. 

#25: Blog engage:

Is a community where members are encouraged to mix and develop relationships. It offers diverse unique groups so all users can fit in easily to any of their choices. It encourages writing and submission of articles which will be reviewed and hitherto approved (or not) by readers. It is then published upon approval. It is a community that fosters growth and unity.

#26: Bill Sports Maps:

Spreads its tentacles to accommodate diverse groups of sports news ranging from the English football club to the FA Cup to baseball to premier league to hockey, it gives detailed news, covering all events and predictions about these diverse sports. It is the go-to for everything sports.

#27: West Ham Blog:

West Ham United Blog is an unofficial and independent fan site devoted to all things West Ham United. The site aim to provide all Hammer Fans with everything they would want to know about our great club from the history, latest news, fixtures, match reports and forums to have a chat about anything West Ham Utd related with fellow supporters.

#28: Football Action:

Launched in 2013, the Football Actions brings you the latest news and information from the Premier League, Championship news as well as the other leaques. The goal of the site is to publish articles and reviews which greatly statisfy a fan’s desire to keep himself updated with the exclusive news related to football

#29: The Two Unfortunates:

Boasting of hit series ‘Great Football League Teams’ and ‘Hopeless Football League Teams’ both doing justice to the most memorable sides in the League’s history, The Two Unfortunates have grown from a dainty-sized site consisting of writers from a puddle of work colleagues and friends to a fast-growing size of a long list of contributors since its inception in 2009. It prides itself as a non-partisan website with an aim to report everything on the Football League. 

#30: Philly Soccer:

Topping the chart in local soccer sports, The Philly Soccer Page is equipped with photographers and writers who follow the game at all levels, from Philadelphia Union to Philadelphia Independence to the U.S. National Teams. It is a site started by players in the Casa Soccer League in Philadelphia but now boasts of contributors and readers across the soccer spectrum all over Philadelphia.

#31: Seriously Soccer:

is serious about encapsulating all the juicy tidbits and interesting information about the world of soccer while creating platforms for a meet-and-greet between fans of different teams. It monitors all top soccer blogs in terms of the games, people, teams and opinions at the core of all their activities. It has a long list of contributors and ensures that its readers are not news-starved.  

#32: Big Soccer:

Providing up-to-date trending threads on the Soccer World, Big Soccer has been gradually climbing up the chart of top football websites out there, with its inception in 2016, it boasts of different forums including but not limited to; Soccer Cups, Pitch Members, Equipment & Gear, England Clubs and Cups, Europe Leagues, USA Teams to mention but a few, a good handful of authors and highlights videos. It keeps its viewers entertained by ensuring it delivers updated information, serving it hot as it develops.

#33: FC UTD:

Offering a download of the Clubs history and recent happenings, down to its Academy Teams, Women’s Team, Youth Team, U21/U18 Teams, FC United of Manchester guarantees its fans everyday news about their beloved Team. It takes pleasure in keeping abreast of every activity of the Club and doling it out fresh to its readers.

#34: Back Page Football:

Was established and kick-started in mid-2009 by Kevin Coleman, an Irish-based Liverpool fan and Neil Sherwin, an Australia-based Manchester City fan. It was created with the purpose of providing a platform for budding writers and high-quality football content.  It has featured hundreds of writers, thousands of articles and full coverage of football activities around the globe. It launched its podcast in 2010 with journalist Ciaran O’ Raghalligh handling the microphone. Going through redevelopments from time to time, BPF ensures that it continually offers a strong platform for talented writers and upcoming journalists while whetting the appetite of its readers worldwide.

#35: The Football Faithful:

The Football Faithfull brings you the lastest news and information from the Premier leaque, Championship news as well as the Scottish Premiership. On the site you will have the latest scores, live actions and quizzes on a variety of soccer topics

#36: Live For Liverpool:

Sets its sight majorly on Liverpool FC but entertains news about other clubs and football more generally. It is an independent forum given to intelligent debate and encourages good and creative contents about the club and football in general.

#37: Friends of Fulham:

Was set up in 2008 by Fulham FC fans for Fulham FC fans, no more, no less. Offering a wide range of useful, attractive and interesting information such as local pub guide, bibliography, Craven Cottage, the Club Histories, the Club Badge and desktop wallpapers and avatars for computers or smartphones, it is a place where Fulham Fans can meet up to discuss everything that pertains to Fulham in a friendly, yet varied atmosphere.

#38: Who Scored:

Is a fast-growing sports website specialized in the art of delivering an in-depth breakdown of detailed football data by amassing and generating all-inclusive analysis on the major Europe divisions, also supplying data on over 500 leagues and 15000 teams. It is made up of a devoted team of football analysts and software developers based in Central London. It seeks to provide its readers with valuable and exceptional content about the all-time passionate and loved soccer sport. 

#39: BTW24:

Was founded in 2009 by copywriter Rob Parker who had hither fore worked as a journalist for newspapers and online publications which didn’t go to waste as he brought his journalistic sense into copywriting; asking myriad of questions about ones business, clients and goals to help him get to the core of the messages you need to get passed on which is an approach that has worked for him several times regardless of the clientele, from the smallest start-up business to the largest corporate communications department. Its sole aim is to find the right tone of voice for any business as its Spanish name: Voe implies.

#40: Equalizer Soccer:

Is an online football website dedicated to the world of female soccer and its numerous fans. It offers the latest gist on the beloved club and keeps its readers up-to-date on all activities including matches, fixtures, transfer rumours and their likes..

#41: Attacking Midfielder

This football blog was created by Stefan for football fans all over the world, it does not fail to provide its fans with information about the club and insightful ideas and notions about games. It also has a platform where fans can link up and socialize and also pass criticism on players.

#42: Middle East Soccer

Middle East Soccer is one of the most encompassing soccer blog that provides information, anaylsis and a full insight into the world of soccer most especially from the Middle East. Run by Dr James M Dorsey, the blog has been in existence since 2008. Dr James is also the author of the best selling book

#43: 90Soccer

Want soccer news at its best? The 90Soccer is your go-to site. It is an independent football club giving detailed reports, up-to-date news, critical analysis and insightful opinions on the sportss

#44: Stretty News

This is football site committed to the world of Manchester United fans. It was established in 2010 and it aims at delivering everything concerning the world of Manchester to the doorstep of its fans. Comments on various posts are allowed and encouraged but respect is advised in doing this.

#45: Red Rants

The unique element that makes this football blog stand out is that it is a thriving forum for exchange and submissions of opinions and thoughts about the performance of the club devoid of fear or favoritism as no article or comment can be edited or deleted. It is committed only to
Manchester FC fans worldwide.

#46: EastLower

This football blog kicked off 2003 right after Arsenal won the FA Cup, it was created by Jim, a staunch supporter of Arsenal dating back to 1979, he has ensured that through thick and thin, he reports all the happenings of the great club and he keeps his readers captivated with the animated way he tells the stories of games; past and present.

#47: A Cultured Left Foot

A Cultured Left Foot or ACLF, is a football blog you will fall in love with. From the analysis, to the presentation of the fact, you cant but love this site. It promises its subscribers detailed information, game reviews, analysis and game previews irrespective of clubs.

#48: DirtySouthSoccer

Ignore the name and let’s concentrate on the fact that this site is a harbor to various sport communities where various fans of diverse clubs converge to discuss their clubs. While this site encourages free flow of discussions, it frowns at exchange of insults, putting up offending messages and photos and cyber bullying. This is ensured by placing a ban on anyone who defaults.

#49: The Football Times

The Football Times is a news/story football blog. Football is passion and you will notice that these blog presents football news and stories in such a way that is different from what you have out there on other sites. It features It is a sport community where ‘meet-and-greet’ is allowed and encouraged.

#50: NUFCBlog.com

Founded in the United Kingdoms, NUFC Blog caters to avid fans of Newcastle United Club and it aims at discussing everything about the club; the good and the not so good. It encourages greatly inputs from commentators and it occasionally features guest articles from readers seeking a wider audience. If you are passionate about debates, then this is the site to be as articles are provided on interesting news and transfer rumors to give readers something to talk about often.

#51: World Soccer Talk.

This is an active soccer blog site where vivid details of games are provided, including accurate analysis and statistics and transfer rumors, it covers a wide range of soccer topics of numerous clubs and also has a forum for betting and offers prediction daily to interested fans.

#52: IntotheTopCorner.com

This happens to be one of the most respected football blog in India which has garnered close to 500,000 visitors and more than a million viewers daily. It was created in February, 2012 by Ambekar and his Hindu friends and has catered to the needs of fans through interesting news, match previews and analysis from the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League, it continues expanding over time.

#53: CFC Net  

This football site features articles that covers live scores, ratings of players in top-notch football clubs and deep-seated analysis on the top leagues. If you are looking for a site that cover Chelsea games very well, then you need look no further.

#54: TheFootballPink.com

This blog is unique as it has a collection of writers, bloggers, illustrators and photographers who collates their ideas, thoughts, observations and stories from all over the world and delivers to fans of soccer. It also produces a quarterly print magazine which is made available on kindle also. It won the ‘Best Established Blog Award’ at the 2015 football blogging awards and is an active member of the Copa90 collective.

#55: Clean Sheet All Round

CSAR focus solely for soccer discussions on variety of topics ranging from transfer gossips, premier league news and so many others. It delivers video highlights of matches to soccer lovers and keep tabs on various players.

#56: Football Week

Established in late 2016, Football Weeks is an online football news portal updated daily with Insightful Opinions, Transfer Analysis, Fantasy Football Tips relating to top European Football Leagues. Bookmark us for your updated Premier League Fixtures and Results.

#57: InsideWorldFootball.com

The popular sport media outfit; Dunsar Media Limited, based in the United Kingdoms created this football site in 2010 and it discusses everything football, much more on a global level. It delves into the politics in FIFA, UEFA and other world soccer governing body.

#58: The 72

Do you love football? Then you found a mate in The 72. The 72 is a soccer sports blog dedicated to the leaques. Existing for over 3 years, it contains information about transfer news, match analysis and much more.

#59: TopDrawerSoccer.com

TDS was created in the late 90’s by Robert Ziegler who is an avid soccer fan with the intent of positively influencing local games and the mission to deliver influential and amenable coverage of college and high school aged soccer thereby promoting the game and the players involved. This is the official provider of college and club scores for more than 100,000 players and 5,000 teams, it is considered as not just a website but a destination and home to local clubs.

#60: BeyondtheLastMan.com

This football blog is rich in history spanning from the 1940s through to the 1990s. It takes a detailed look at the history of the worldwide game and how basically, it can impact the game positively, it dabbles into history of World Cup, European Cups and the English first division. It offers articles everyday for its viewers.

#61: RossoneriBlog.com

The blog was created in 2009 to cater to the needs of AC Milan fans concerning news relating to the club, it was founded in the days when AC Milan was the giant in Italian football and European competitions, in order to cater to all Rossoneri subscribers, it is in English and provides up-to-date news, match reviews, highlight videos, fan zones and the polls section.

#62: Spanish Football

This site discusses world soccer from the historical, cultural and traditional perspective. It provides detailed news about football clubs worldwide which are written by committed editors.

#63: FiftyFive

The site 55 is a soccer website that talks about football in a different way. It takes a look at the happening before and after the game. By looking at the game from different angel they give the best possible coverage and affords the fans the opportunity to interact everyday, all the while keeping up with the latest news and views.

#64: AtleticoFans.com

This site dedicated to club Atletico de Madrid in La Liga was launched on August, 2010 and created by Nick Poskitt from the United Kingdom. It offers a blend of official news and opinion-based articles and features articles on club information, fixture and results, rumor and gossip, and prediction league. It aims at connecting all Atletico Madrid fans all over the world and therefore encourages open discussions and free comments.

#65: ToffeeWeb.co.uk

Established 1994 by a small international team of dedicated Blues, the Toffee Web caters to Everton FC fans, supplying them with comprehensive up-to-date news about the club with also the forum that accommodates opinions of Evertonians all over the world, this is done through frequent polls, the Toffee Web Mailbag and the exceptional Fans Articles Section.

#66: SoccerwithoutBorders.org

This football site was created with the sole purpose of building a more inclusive world through soccer, it seeks to use soccer as a tool for positive change, reaching out to understand youths and helping them surmount barriers to development, inclusion and personal achievements. It has active social media forums which serves as a platform for all interested youths to meet and socialize and talk soccer.

#67: AVillaFan.com

This football blog gives accounts on the latest news, gossip and views on Aston Villa Football Club and also affords its fans the forum to interact with each other. It has featured in publications like The Sun, The Metro, and The Birmingham Mail amongst others. It also has active social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It also has its own podcast and a handful of followers.

#68: EqualizerSoccer.com

This football website is unique in its own style of being devoted to women soccer, launched in July, 2009, its basic aim is to give women football the necessary coverage and exposure and possibly applaud and it has been able to achieve that on a big level as it is considered as the haven where professional news about women footballers is been sourced for all over the world.  It dabbles in critical analysis of women football of both foreign and local.

#69: Soccer-Coaching-Blog.com  

This site is managed by Andrew Grifiths and is committed totally to furnishing interested people with excellent training schedules, training paraphernalia and DVDs that are of essence and use to coaches and aspiring ones. Various coaches from top teams in the United Kingdom are employed to offer expert training and analysis about the games, trainings range from Football coaching to Life coaching to Basketball coaching, the website also offers Business blog ideas for its subscribers.

#70: JuveFC.com  

Just as the name implies, this football blog was created to keep all Juventus fans abreast of the happenings of their favorite club; both past and present. The site offers match interviews, news, transfer rumors, video highlights, injury news and exclusive update about the life of the players. This is the site for all Juventus fans to be.

#71: SoccerPro.com

This website meets the needs of avid lovers of soccer, it shares famous and infamous opinions about games, latest happenings and also reviews team jersey and boots. This website is the place to go to see the latest jerseys of various teams, including the future ones.

#72: WestHamtillIDie.com

As funny as the name sounds, this football blog means just that! It was launched in February 2006 by Iain Dale and satisfies the needs of all West Ham fans. It is considered to be one of the most visited football blogs in the UK and due to the rich experiences accumulated by its founder, it has made history in news reporting when compared to other blogs, it frowns on the use of expletives but encourages exchange and offer of opinions and ideas.

#73: AllArsenal.com

This football blog is dedicated to Arsenal fans worldwide and run by several faithful Arsenal fans whose objective is to supply the best up-to-date news about the club. It is the go-to place for Arsenal details, transfer mills and daily articles.

#74: The Real Football Man

Considered as one of the biggest soccer blog, RFM is a harem of histories of the game, especially the English football league. It keep tabs on players and follows their progress over the years, it reports on transitions and promotions and practice flat-out grassroots football reporting.

#75: RealMadridNews.com

This is a website dedicated to all things Real Madrid. It aims at providing latest resources such as news, match reports, commentaries, analysis and more. It is a part of the ‘One Football’ network and works on connecting fans together from all over the world to share and exchange views, ideas and opinions.

#76: Back Page Football

With captivating technological designs and capturing headlines, Back Page Football provides its readers with an analytical look at news, opinions and commentaries of the football world, it includes the culture, history, the zeal, the extravaganza and the games and is considered as one of the most-respected and long-standing football blogs having gotten recommendations from several major publications.

#77: SBISoccer

Launched in 2008, SBI Soccer is an internet news site focused on the coverage of American and international soccer. Started by long-time soccer writer Ives Galarcep as the blog Soccer By Ives, SBI Soccer has evolved into a soccer news website with a staff of more than a dozen writers and editors.

#78: FiestaFootball.org

This is an international site with a growing number of visitors, more than a million, it aims at popularizing soccer as a sport, it brings entertainment to its viewers by delivering all the latest means and videos on soccer and it has a forum for advertisement.

#79: Box to Box

With a mind of it’s own, Box to Box is a online soccer blog with a quaterly print edition. With a team of talent players,the magazine aims to provide an alternative angle to a wealth of compelling stories from across the footballing landscape

#80: FootballShoot.com  

This is a blog that serves the need of its teeming fans by delivering spicy football stories and correct, unique news, transfer rumors, match previews and many more in the world of soccer.

#81: 1000Goals.com

This football blog provides the best of everything soccer, ranging from News to highlights to showcasing live scores and covering the World Cup, it doesn’t take a back seat when it comes to discussions on big games like Euro 2016 and it has a betting forum. It is home to all soccer lovers. It also keep tabs on all decisive goals.

#82: FootballViews.co.uk  

This football blog is excited to be the connecting source for all soccer fans worldwide, to keep them glued and entertained, it has in readiness fresh transfer gossips, exciting news and reviews and updates.

#83: TheFootballSaga.com

This football site ensures that its readers get the best of everything including catchy soccer headlines and important news, it keeps its viewers informed of the latest events in the world of football.

#84: TwoHundredPercent.net

This football blog was established in May, 2006 and it concentrates on politics, culture, financials and history of football, its main domain is in UK but t is gradually gaining grounds. It is an award-winning blog and has gotten featured on ‘The Sun’ as website of the week.

#85: NatterFootball.co.uk

This site was created with a mindset of providing a forum for lovers of soccer to share their opinions and thoughts about soccer. It is an independent network that strives to be unbiased in its assessment and reviews of matches. It covers all aspects of football and edits comments which they don’t deem fit to stay.

#86: SoccerManager.com  

This football sit is committed to bringing the game of soccer free to all, it was developed by soccer fans for soccer fans, it aims at growing a friendly internet community that’s based around a soccer manager game where people can enjoy the game in togetherness and make friends. However, it frowns upon the display of violence, racial hatred or any other form of discrimination.

#87: FootyBlog.net

This blog puts focus on the comedic approach of the game, it reports latest issues and soccer news especially on Premier League and other big names in a funny way.

#88: French Football Weekly

A site dedicated to fans of the French leaque and covering events, news and update about the game, you will agree with me that there is no better person to go to know when it comes to french football and soccer information in general.

#89: SoccerMetrics.net

Distinguished by its incredible style of showcasing its interest in the football industry through research data measurement, SM is an online company which is responsible for quantitative analysis of team and players performance.

#90: ZonalMarking.net

This is another distinguished site which delves into the world of soccer by using tactics and formations, it makes use of diagrams, statistics and graphs to drive its point home, it hasn’t only analyzed the geometrics of the football game but also postulate solutions to complex problems posed to the gaffer.

#91: Eighty Five Points

This is an online magazines that explores the depth of soccer and the influence of culture on the game . It features exciting articles and rich multimedia content.

#92: SportingLife.com

This US-based sports site deals with all aspect of sports and reports news on them from all around the world. It offers a world of inclusive articles and ideas on various genres of sports including soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis amidst others.

#93: BleacherReport.com

The online site covers a wide range of various sports from NBA to MMA to NASCAR to NHL not excluding college football, BR has got all the juicy news and up-to-date information on all the leagues, its success is largely due to the writing team that consists of football writers and bloggers. It is set to bring full entertainment to all sports lovers.

#94: TwelfthManTimes.com

This football blog greatly satiates the ever demanding need of all soccer fans all over irrespective of their clubs, it’s more exciting as it connects viewers to their favorite sports or players, latest news are supplied and discussions encouraged. It churns out about fifty-six posts per week.

#95: HowlerMagazine.com

An online magazine that is devoted to soccer, founded in USA, Howler Magazine has ts fans and subscribers from all over the globe and features diverse topics ranging from profiles, writings, humors, essay not leaving out original illustrations and photography.

#96: SportsDictator.com

Created in England, SD is concerned with delivering qualitative content featuring transfer rumors, live scores, video highlights, interviews, preview and review of matches, football news and match reports, its readers are not left unsatisfied as the team ensures that updated articles are made available on the site.

#97: The91stMinute.com

This football blog offers latest news on college soccer, club soccer and the US soccer landscape, it features serves, rankings for all levels and news, it produces about four posts per week and has a growing fan-base.

#98: MyFootballGuru.com

This football blog started with an objective to help out the young upcoming generation of soccer, it connects them with expert players in the field to discuss their experiences so far and the pros and cons of the game

#99: Football-talk.co.uk

Football-talk.co.uk  is a website built on a budding passion and a somewhat healthy obsession The soccer blog offers its readers a tactical analysis on the big games; not missing a season coupled with a detailed scout repots on the best emerging talents of world football. They keep their readers going back for more by whetting their appetites with interviews of experts

#100: Footballtarget.com

Created by ex-football players, FT is a platform of bringing passion to life. It keeps tabs especially on the big leagues like England’s Premier League, UEFA Champions league, FIFA World Cup amongst others. Its articles covers news, previews, recaps, highlights, videos and funny football stuffs.

There you have it. A list of the top football blogs everyone should read. Now over to you. Which of these soccer blogs is your favorite?

Africa Nations Cup Winners: Winners of Each Year’s Editions

As another CAF Nations Cup is here, it is interesting to look back at the history as it definitely can lead to a whole lot of what can happen at the current Nations Cup tournament taking place this June.

The Nations Cup is full of history, thrilling matches, spectacular moments, disappointments and all the intricacy that makes Africa football one of the most spectacular games to watch.

And of course, if you are willing to place some bet on the game of soccer, then you know how important it is to know some of these things. especially if you are using a football prediction site.

Statistics, resources, group stage matches and a whole lot more can definitely help in determining what could happen in this year’s Nations Cup.

Nations Cup Past Winners

YearWinnerFinal ScoreRunnerup
2015Ivory Coast9-8Ghana
2013Nigeria1-0Burkina Faso
2012 Zambia8-7Ivory Coast
2006Egypt4-2Ivory Coast
2004Tunisia 2-1Morocco
1998Egypt2-0South Africa
1996South Africa2-0Tunisia
1994 Nigeria2-1 Zambia
1992Ivory Coast11-10Ghana
1990Algeria1-0 Nigeria
1988 Cameroon 1-0 Nigeria
1986 Egypt 5-4Cameroon
1984 Cameroon 3-1 Nigeria
1982 Ghana7-6Libya
1980 Nigeria 3-0 Algeria
1978 Ghana 2-0 Uganda
1976 Morocco1-1 Guinea
1974 Zaire 2-0 Zambia
1972 Congo 3-2 Mali
1970 Sudan 3-2 Ghana
1968 Congo DR 1-0 Ghana
1965 Ghana 3-2 Tunisia
1963 Ghana 3-0 Sudan
1962 Ethiopia 4-2 United Arab Republic
1959 United Arab Republic4-0Ethiopia
1957 Egypt 4-0 Ethiopia

Looking forward to the next edition of AFCON

The Complete CAF Nations Cup Resources

This CAF Nations Cup resources is what you need if you want to know all you need to know about the Africa Nations Cup.

As you are aware, the CAF Nation’s cup is Africa best tournament so we have decided to bring you all the information and tips you need to know about this wonderful game.

However, as you know, we are not the only site out there and trying to cover such a tournament exclusively can be hard work.

There are tons of other websites that eg the official Nations cup site, fans sites, football statistic sites, player website, related stories and news and we don’t want you to miss out on any of this.

As a result, we are presenting you our list of website that covers the Nations Cup exclusively.

This resource hub is hosted by BTW24,

In order to build a complete resource hub, we are accepting recommending that can help us build a complete CAF Nations Cup resources. If you know any website dedicated to covering the Nations Cup only, then suggest them here. email: ademileke@bettingwins24.com

Football Betting Useful Links

Tired of losing football bets? Then you will find this betting useful links important

BettingWins24 is committed to providing the best sport and soccer betting information in one place. That is why we have created this list of helpful links and resources we found when scouring the internet.

The internet is a really useful place if you know what to search for but sometimes we can get lost on the internet of world things.

This section, therefore, contains articles, references, and links to various betting information we found useful. If you like to suggest a resource to add to this page or think we missed something, simply email:ademileke@bettingwins24.com and we will review it and add.

If you found this football betting resource helpful, please give it a share on any of your favorite social media platforms

Partners Links

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Football Infographics We Love

Recommended Sports Blogs

There you have it. Share if you found it useful. You can tag @btw24 so we reshare.

5 Top Bookmakers in Nigeria 2019

Let me pose a question to you. If you were to pick a bookmaker, which bookmakers do you think is most popular and loved by Nigeria?

Betting companies in Nigeria have come a long way and they have come to stay.

Some have come and gone, while others are waxing stronger.

Betting in Nigeria before the 90s was not very popular but change is the only thing constant in life.

The introduction of the internet touched every part of our lives, including gambling and betting. Sports betting crept quietly into the gambling arena and took us all by storm.

Football unifies everybody in the world, especially in a multi-cultural country like Nigeria.

Sports betting has, however, succeeded in taking the love for the game to another level.

There were some bookmarkers that started out great but for some reason are no longer in the scene. Others started later, however, today, have become the people’s favorite.

There are a good number of the favorite bookmakers in Nigeria but this list will focus on the top 5 favorites in the country.

Top Online Bookmakers in Nigeria According to SimilarWeb Data

  • Bet9ja – Estimated Monthly Visitors: 80.9M
  • Betking – Estimated Monthly Visitors: 10.3M
  • Betpawa – Estimated Monthly Visitors: 4.80M
  • Nairabet – Estimated Monthly Visitors: 4.60M
  • Merrybet – Estimated Monthly Visitors: 3.4M

1.Bet9ja  (www.bet9ja.com)

 This bookmaker can be regarded as the primus inter pares (First among equals) of all betting companies in Nigeria. Their outlets can be seen in almost every street in the country.

Bet9ja is owned by Mr Kunle Soname who also doubles as the chairman. Bet9ja was created in 2013 and is registered with the Lagos state lottery board.

Their online platform is commendable and they have lots of markets that bettors can take advantage of. With Bet9ja, you can stake with a minimum of 100 Naira and can win up to 45 million Naira.

Bet9ja is the most popular Nigeria bookmaker and it has stood the test of time in been reliable and trustworthy.

Bet9ja introduced the cash-out feature, firstly to online bettors to make them cash out an appropriate amount of money before their accumulations end, at the beginning of this year.

Bet9ja has also introduced the cash-out option  to shops and outlets all over the country, where you can opt out of accumulations before it ends while minimizing your loss and profits.

Bet9ja football virtual platform is also the best in the country. It is registered under the name KC gaming limited, Nigeria.

Merits of Bet9ja

  • It has lots of stores and offline outlets all over the country.
  • It is very regular with payment and has not been known to owe customers.
  • Agents of bet9ja have something to smile for has the collect 40% on virtual games and 30-35 % on board games
  • Fantastic customer service
  • You can play singles on Bet9ja

Demerits of Bet9ja

  • It has very low and pathetic odds
  • Its bonus is not encouraging
  • It has limited markets compared t other Nigerian bookmakers

2. Merrybet (www.merrybet.com)

Merrybet Company is also one of the big betting companies in the world and they have come a long way to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in the country. A big minus for Merrybet is its lack of expansion capabilities, however, they can be reliable to do business with because of some of their mouth-watering offers.

This betting company was founded by Mr Opeyemi Fashakin, a business mogul.

You can place bets with them with just 100 Naira and win up to 50 million Naira, however, their online soccer virtual can be played with just 50 Naira.

Merrybet parades an avalanche of markets that can be exploited with appropriate research

Merits of Merrybet

  • It has very good online platforms
  • Merrybet has very good odds to bet on
  • Payment of winnings in Merrybetarevery fast up to 30mins to 2hrs
  • Friendly customer service

Demerits of Merrybet

  • There are little or no visible stores and outlets of merrybet,  thereby limiting its customers.
  • Merrybet has failed to put more markets on its platform
  • The bonuses Merrybet gives its customers on accumulations is low
  • You can’t play singles on Merrybet.

3. Nairabet  (www.nairabet.com)

Nairabet betting company is owned by Otunba Akin Alabi, a House of Representative-Elect in Oyo state.

This bookmaker is one of the first bookmakers in the country, birth in 2000.

It is a very trustworthy bookmaker with a strong financial base. It has kept its name in gold and continue to give customers their expectations.

If you register as a new customer, Nairabet gives 100% bonuses of all funds credited.

The minimum amount that you can bet on is 100 naira and you can win 49 million Naira.

They are registered under the National lottery board commission.

One thing that makes Nairabetis known for is the “One ticket cut” option, where if all your winnings are green except one, you will still be paid. However, this option is subjected to certain terms and conditions.

Merits of Nairabet

  • Very good odds
  • Nairabet has included more markets on its platform
  • You can play “one game cut” ticket (subjected to terms and conditions)
  • Fast payment

   Demerits of Nairabet

  • Virtually no  outlets  for customers
  • Very unfriendly customer service
  • No promos to encourage bettors
  • Dull online platform

4.Betking  (www.betking.com)

Betking bookie is among the newest betting companies to enter the gambling market in the country.

Despite its newness, this company has overtaken some oldies it met in the market. In fact, in terms of patronization from customers, it is second only to Bet9ja in the country now.

It was founded by Mr Adekunle Adeniji. The amount of offline outlets of Betking in the country is increasing at an astonishing rate. What makes bettors like Betking, you might ask?

The bonus is huge – very huge, you get 200% bonuses on all accumulated games. It also has various markets that have not been introduced in the country before.

Even some older bookmakers are forced to introduce some options to be able to compete favourably with Betking.

Some of their unique markets include, Substitution to score, the total number of goals in a league for the week, total numbers of red cards to be collected in a league for the week, Match flow and Goalkeeper to score. Who can beat that?

 Merits of Betking

  • Betking  has a very online platform that is customer friendly
  • The markets available on Betking are huge and very encouraging. Even other betting companies are forced to introduced some more markets on their platforms because betking introduced it.
  • If one ticket soils your ticket, you can still be paid if you follow the necessary instructions.
  • The bonus you get on Betking is huge, I mean Huge!
  • Betking has one of the biggest odds in Africa, not just Nigeria.
  • Apart from bet9ja, the number of betking outlets in the country is increasing by the day.
  • Wonderful customer service
  • Payment is prompt and on-time

Demerits of Betking

  • Its virtual soccer platform is awful.

5. Betpawa  (www.betpawa.ng)

Betpawa betting company is an International company that has its tentacles throughout Africa.

It gives100% bonuses on first funds credited into the account, very good odds and very fast cashouts.

What makes Betpawa unique is that you can stake with a minimum of 1 naira, yes you heard me right one naira and can win up to 25 million Naira.

This bookmaker has turned betting to a new and easy level in Nigeria. Why not try them out.

Merits of   Betpawa

  • You can bet with as low as 1 naira
  • You can deposit into your account with airtime (MTN).
  • Funds withdrawal is very fast

Demerits of Betpawa

  • Funds deposit is a bit of hassle.
  • Odds are too low
  • No visible outlets anywhere in the country.

There you have it.

My top 5 bookmakers in Nigeria and why Nigerians love or hate them. Now over to you, which of these bookmakers have you used and why do you love or hate them?