Gambling Books 2020 -The Must Read Gambling Books

Gambling Books 2020 -The Must Read Gambling Books

Are you looking for gambling books worth reading to inspire your strategy?

Two caveats:

  • I have personally read all the books I have reviewed here
  • This is by no means an exhaustive list. It just out of the whole gambling books I have read, I have found this to be very informative, useful and insightful.

Now let’s begin.

Gambling has been in existence for a long time; many people see it as a hobby and for some, just a way of making extra income.

Although, it goes without saying that gambling is a risk … maybe, even a higher risk than investment but it could also yield good results.

A lot of people believe that one can never know with gambling but experts have come up with different strategies as it relates to gambling to debunk this belief.

Gambling can be learned and can be done intelligently if one is armed with the right information. If you are new to football betting, you can check out this guide to football betting we put together.

And this is what these books have been able to achieve; they have been written to arm gamblers with the right information to help them gamble successfully.

NB: There you have it. A recommended list of top gambling books. If you think there is a betting book I should add to the list, then read out to me through this email and I will read it.

15 Must Read Gambling Book for Professional Gamblers

#1: Casino Gambling For Dummies

Gambling requires strategies that are necessary to learn if one wants to make a profit and not record losses. After all, what is the point of gambling if you are not cashing out? If you are crazy about casinos but you are worried you might not do so well, this book by Kevin Blackwood provides a guide to casino gambling for beginners. If you are a beginner who is still an amateur in casino gambling, this is a good book that will introduce you to casino gambling and all its intricacies.

#2: The Logic Of Sports Betting

This book is great for both amateur and experienced bettors to get more understanding of betting. As implied in the title of the book, it provides insight into the logic of sports betting. Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow answer questions that relate to sports betting using their insider knowledge of the sports world. There is nothing like getting knowledge from insiders on how to go about betting because it helps know the mind of bookmakers and understand the logic of the game itself. The beauty of the book is that it is easy to understand and also laced with humour.

#3: The 21st Century Card Counter: The Pros’ Approach To Beating Blackjack

Different card games have experienced changes over the years so as to discourage card counters. However, it is not impossible to beat blackjack despite all the dynamism it has passed through. One just needs to be focused and be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the game. Colin Jones provide a sure guide for anyone interested in winning blackjack. The book provides easy direction on how to go about and think about card counting in the modern casino. Things are done differently in the modern casino environment and anybody who wants to beat the system should definitely get this book.

#4: Then One Day … 40 Years Of Bookmaking In Nevada

The writer, Chris Andrews, was under the tutelage of his uncle, Jack Franzi, who is a renowned Pittsburgh wiseguy and Las Vegas sportsbook pioneer and started booking sports bet in the fifth grade. He went with his uncle to Las Vegas after graduating from college in the mid-’70s. He got a job as a sportsbook and at 25, he became the youngest sportsbook director in the business at the Club Cal Neva in Reno. This book is largely a memoir on his 40 years career as a bookmaker. Not only will you enjoy reading about the sportsbook, but you will also learn the intricacies and the language of legalised sports betting.

#5: The Ultimate Beginner’s Gambling Guide: Learn How To Play Craps, How To Play Texas Hold’em Poker And How To Play Blackjack By Learning The Rules, Hands, Tables, Chips, And Strategies

Steven Hartman provides a great how-to book for navigating the casino successfully. If you are interested in mastering the casino, having fun and making a lot of money, then this book is for you. The fun of being in a casino is being able to win some money. So, if winning is important to you and you are a beginner, enjoy the lessons from Hartman as he teaches you the ins and out of the casino. The book provides a guide on the rules of the game, the basic strategies and even the more complicated strategies to help you master gambling.

#6: All Bets Are Off: Losers, Liars And Recovery From Gambling Addiction

As fun as gambling can be, like most things, it can be abused and become addictive. No matter how great or cool an activity is, moderation is still important. This book seeks to address gambling addiction. And the beauty of it is that it is written from someone who has been through gambling addiction and been able to beat it, so you will be reading from someone that understands and not someone that is just giving theories. Arnie Wexler began gambling at a young age and by the time he was 14, he found the racetrack and started playing the stock market. His addiction grew and when it drove him and his wife, Sheila, to the edge of life, they found help to escape the addiction. Now, they use their story and experience to provide help to other addicts. This book, co-authored with Steve Jacobson is a great book if you are trying to escape gambling addiction.

#7: Good Teams Win, Great Teams Cover: An Underdog’s Tale Of Life, Gambling And Sharp Sports Betting

Pat Hagerty uses a different approach to teach about betting and the strategies that will ensure winning. According to him, there are many who have missed out on the opportunity to score big on betting because not only can they not recognise the opportunities to watch out for during games, but even when they do, they are usually too scared to act on it. He has, therefore, written a book that serves as a solution. This book seeks to train bettors to recognise the beautiful opportunities that are there every week during sports games that they are not trained to see. It will open their eyes and help them to be sharper sports bettors.

#8: A Short And Simple Guide To The Best Bets In The Casino: For Both Beginners And Experienced Players

This book by Dr Jan W. Vandersande is for both experienced and amateur players. Casinos are designed to keep bettors from making money while the casinos keep cashing in daily. This is understandable and even expected as the casinos are there for business so they have to design odds that will be against you but be in their favour. Basically, your job is to find a way to get around these odds that are there to keep you from winning. That is what this book seeks to provide; it provides extensive descriptions of the bets and games where there is a little or nonexistent edge. The author also guides you on how to play to have the best chances of winning.

#9: Vegas Rewards: How Las Vegas Pays Me To Play

Every bettor will agree that Las Vegas is a different experience altogether but it is easy to get lost in it all because of how overwhelming it is. Therefore, J. T. Bird provides a guide that you should definitely read if you are planning on visiting Las Vegas or any casino, for that matter. With over 37 years of experience gambling worldwide, he reveals how he has gotten more than $326,000 of Comps from dozens of casinos. The book gives you an insight on how to navigate Las Vegas and the casino. The author reveals secrets on the importance of getting a player card, how to get free or discounted rooms, food and shows. He also reveals how you can get the chance of enjoying free or discounted food if it’s your birthday.

#10: The Gambling Addiction Journal: A 90 Day Recover Guide

Gambling addiction, like every other addiction, can be really difficult to overcome but fortunately, it is not impossible and that is what books like this are for; to help you overcome gambling addiction. C.W.V. Straaten provides a self-help book on gambling addiction based on real events. The author, who is a former gambler himself, provides a journal with thought-provoking questions, motivating quotes and remarkable pieces of advice to help strengthen you in your fight against gambling addiction. The book addresses patterns that lead to gambling and how to change them, how to recover from a relapse quickly and how to go on a journey of self-discovery.

#11: The Easy Way To Stop Gambling

Gambling addiction push addicts to the edge and has a devastating effect on their lives like any other addiction. If you know any gambling addict seeking a way out or are one yourself, Allen Carr provides an easy way to stop gambling. He gives a revolutionary approach to gambling addiction to help addicts get their lives back from the problem. Gambling addicts sometimes think they will not be able to get control of their lives because they cannot seem to be able to stop gambling but according to Sir Richard Branson, Carr’s method is absolutely unique. By outlining how addicts fall into the trap of gambling, the psychology behind being addicted to taking risks and steps to quit gambling, the author provide a simple how-to guide to be completely free of gambling addiction.

#12: Sports Betting Instead Of Stocks!: 9 Steps To Passive Income Through Sports Betting! How To Find Serious Tipsters And Successfully Invest In The Sports Betting Market

There are so many misconceptions that trail sports betting and many of them sell a story based on illusions to sports bettors. Luck is sometimes associated with winning as a bettor. However, according to the author, David J. König, long-term success depends on ability; luck can only get you so far. So, if you are interested in earning a regular income from sports betting, you know you cannot count on luck, you have to be equipped with the right information to achieve that. The author basically suggests investment in profitable tipster services. He provides guidance on how to find professional and credible providers as well as how to calculate their expected profitability on a numerical basis. When you read the book, you are armed with theoretical and practical basics of investing in sports betting and steps to gain success with it.

#13: Sharper: A Guide To Modern Sports Betting

Betting has experienced changes over the years and especially, in more recent times. The dynamism of sports betting in the present time is different from what it used to be years before. Therefore, to make profits at this time, one has to know all about modern sports betting. That is what this book has provided. True Pokerjoe provides comprehensive tips and guidelines on how the experts play the game so you can be an expert at the game as well.

#14: The Winner’s Guide To Casino Gambling

Nobody starts a venture without the desire to win; the point of playing any game is to win, even though it can also be done for fun. However, winning is always better. If you can relate to this desire to win, then it is only expected that you want to read a book that is targeted at winners. Edwin Silberstang provides a comprehensive guide on all aspects of casino gambling including blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, keno, slots, the side games, and video poker amongst others. The author also went further to provide glossary terms for each game, tips on self-control and money management, casino etiquette and many more tips that you need to know as a casino gambler.

#15: The Everything Guide To Sports Betting: From Pro Football To College Basketball, Systems And Strategies For Winning Money

Josh Appelbaum help amateurs in sports betting to learn all they need to know about sports betting. Sports betting can be fun and can be an opportunity to make a side income from your hobby. But it can also be very tricky and if one is not properly initiated or experienced, you can bet wrongly or risk it all. The author provides tips and tactics that can guide both amateur and experienced bettors in betting strategically to ensure that they make more profits than losses.

Those are some of the best gambling books you should be reading if you are into professional gambling and want to take your game a step higher. If you think you are addicted to gambling, you may want to check out our article on gambling addiction and how to overcome it.

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