60 Helpful Sports Blogs Every Sports Fan Should Follow in 2020

60 Helpful Sports Blogs Every Sports Fan Should Follow in 2020

This shorts but detailed guide shares the best sports blogs to read in 2020 and beyond

Then you will find our list of the best sports website quite useful.

Two caveats:

A: I personally read this website’s articles and blog post

B: This is not an exhaustive list. So if you think I might have missed something, please reach out via email at the end of the list.

Now let’s get to it.

We all know that there is an endless list of articles about football and everything in between. Sports is a very interesting and remains one of the most lucrative events all over the world. so it does not come at a surprise that there will be tons and tons of blogs and websites about sports news, events, etc.

But how do you separate the shafts from the wheat?

Methodology: Over the last 6 months, from June 2019, I started combing through the internet looking for, reading and curating the best sports website and blogs based on the following criteria:

  • Overall content quality
  • In-depth Sports analysis
  • Category breakdown
  • Ease of navigation of blogs
  • Presentation
  • Passion

And based on that, together with my team, we were able to come up with this handy guide and list of the top sports blogs and websites.

Please enjoy your reading and if you think there is a sports blog I missed, I will love to check it out. Please recommend them here.

The top Sports Blogs and Website Ranked

  • MMA Fighting
  • The Two Unfortunates
  • Squawka
  • RaceFans
  • Boxing News
  • Bad Left Hook
  • PlanetF1
  • Inside World Football
  • Tennis Now
  • Golf Monthly
  • The Science of Sports
  • MySportDab
  • Back Page Football
  • Off the Post
  • Football Transfer Tavern
  • Love Rugby League
  • Football Action
  • RugbyDump
  • Dodgers Nation
  • The Football Girl
  • RunToTheFinish
  • Baseball Musing
  • Fanspeak
  • Real Madrid News
  • Illegal Curve
  • Voices of Wrestling
  • The Rugby Blog
  • Football Paradise
  • All Wrestling
  • BeatingBetting
  • Holdout Sports
  • Talk Chelsea
  • Football Faithful
  • Blood and Mud
  • The Football Pink
  • The Full Toss
  • Diamond Hoggers
  • Love Tennis Blog
  • La Liga Blog
  • Foot the Ball
  • MLS Fantasy Boss

BreakDown Review Of The Best Sports Blogs And Website


Name: MMA Fighting

Website: https://www.mmafighting.com/

As the name implies, MMA Fighting is the blog for all things UFC related. If you are a fan of UFC, then this blog should be your go-to blog for news, updates, information on UFC. The platform provides a community for UFC lovers to share opinions and analysis on their beloved sport.


Name: The Two Unfortunates

Website: http://www.thetwounfortunates.com/

This blog prides itself as a nonpartisan website with an eye on the Football League. The Two Unfortunates main series are Great Football League teams, Hopeless Football League teams and the Unexpected Rivalries. In existence since 2009, the blog has grown with a good number of seasoned contributors.


Name: Squawka

Website: http://www.squawka.com/

Squawka provides a home for the lovers of Football. The blog brings news, updates and other information on football. Featured articles, which are basically opinions and analysis of the games, are also made available. The platform features predictions and stats on the matches as well as quizzes to test your knowledge of football.


Name: RaceFans

Website: https://www.racefans.net/

It was founded in 2005 by Keith Collantine with a different name that became RaceFans in 2018. The website is your go-to platform for reliable and updated news on everything that concerns motorsports, especially Formula One. The edge this blog has is that the source of their news is from their own journalists that attend the races.


Name: Boxing News

Website: http://www.boxingnewsonline.net/

Since its inception about 110 years ago, Boxing News has been a leading news outlet on boxing news and information both outside and inside the ropes. The platform has a team of experienced writers that has awarded them the best boxing writing award. To get access to these amazing pieces of information, you can get a free trial but a subscription is required.


Name: Bad Left Hook

Website: https://www.badlefthook.com/

A subsidiary of SBNation, Bad Left Hook is a website that provides all the information, news and updates that you need about MMA. It is largely a community for MMA lovers, so you do not just have the opportunity to meet people who share the same interest and read their thoughts but you also have the opportunity to share your own thoughts on your beloved sport.


Name: PlanetF1

Website: http://www.planetf1.com/

PlanetF1 is a platform for the lovers of motorsports. The platform provides updated news and information on the sport. There are also featured articles which go through the editor’s table. Again, there is a shop for motorsport lovers who want to own gears of their sports.


Name: Inside World Football

Website: http://www.insideworldfootball.com/

The blog has a team of experienced columnists who provide information, analysis and opinions on football globally. Inside World Football is not limited to certain leagues, so the advantage you enjoy is that you can get any info on other leagues across the world. Getting complete access requires a subscription to the blog.


Name: Tennis Now

Website: http://www.tennisnow.com/

This blog is a platform for fans of Tennis. The website can be likened to a forum with different sections on the menu. Tennis lovers get to enjoy reading from the blog, enjoy watching the vlogs or have conversations on the forum with other tennis lovers. The online Tennis Now TV is also at their disposal to enjoy the world of tennis.


Name: Golf Monthly

Website: http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/

Golf Monthly started as a print publication that has been in existence since 1911. A leading UK multiplatform golf media brand, the first editor was Harold Hilton, the two-time Open Championship winner. The Golf media brand has grown to introduce the online platform, which provides the latest news and information about Golf. It also includes a Golf Monthly forum.


Name: The Science of Sports

Website: http://sportsscientists.com/

This website was established by Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas, both sports scientists who provide a deep analysis of the science behind sport and sports performance. The blog also features publications and research carried out by both Ross and Jonathan. If you are a sports lover or a sportsman/woman who has an interest in learning about the science of sport, this blog will a good one to visit.


Name: Back Page Football

Website: http://www.backpagefootball.com/

This blog is the home of football lovers and it is a very comprehensive website with different categories. Some of the categories include analysis, interviews, podcasts, opinion, reviews, news and reports amongst others. All these categories provide comprehensive and updated information on football for football lovers to enjoy.


Name: Off the Post

Website: http://www.offthepost.info/

This is a blog dedicated to football; bringing football lovers all the latest news, views, rumours and even humour from their beloved sport. Founded in 2008, the website has gone on to become one of UK’s most popular football website. They have been featured in different top media platforms such as BBC and Telegraph.


Name: Football Transfer Tavern

Website: https://www.footballtransfertavern.com/

The website is football fans’ go-to platform for the latest news and breaking headlines as well as transfer rumours in the world of football. So, as a football lover, you get to enjoy all the information you need at your fingertips. There is also an opportunity to have conversations on happenings in the different football leagues with friends and fellow football fans.


Name: Love Rugby League

Website: http://www.loverugbyleague.com/

Love Rugby League is the website that caters to lovers of the sport. The blog has a variety of categories that rugby lovers can enjoy when they visit the platform. You can get news and featured articles on Rugby and there is a provision for opinions from the audience. The fan zone provides quizzes and games to test your rugby knowledge.


Name: Football Action

Website: http://www.footballaction.co.uk/

Launched in 2013, Football Action prides itself on revolutionising how football is viewed across the world by publishing articles and reviews to satisfy the need of football fans to stay updated with news related to football. The team of three football enthusiasts bring you the best in football news and the top stories around the world of football.


Name: RugbyDump

Website: http://www.rugbydump.com/

RugbyDump is one of the biggest rugby blogs in the world. It started in 2006 as a platform to archive rugby videos online. The highly recognised rugby blog has gone on to become a platform with a comprehensive archive of top rugby videos and clips. If you are a rugby lover, this is a website you will definitely love to view clips of your beloved sport.


Name: MySportDab

Website: https://www.mysportdab.com/

Welcome to MySportDab, your number one source for all sports news. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of sports, with a focus on quality, reliable, news updates.

Founded in 2018 by Osi-Efa Adedotun, MySportDab has been a huge glory success since it all started in Lagos, Nigeria. When Adedotun first started out, his passion for Sports drove them to take actions so that MySportDab can offer you the best and most reliable sports news.


Name: Dodgers Nation

Website: http://www.dodgersnation.com/

Established by Gary Lee, this website brings news and information about the Los Angeles Dodgers to fans all over the world. If you a fan of the Dodgers, you have access to information and analysis from a team of experts on the sport. Also, the platform provides a contributor’s page to encourage contribution from fans, so you can decide to share your voice as well.


Name: The Football Girl

Website: http://thefootballgirl.com/

Launched in 2009 by former Emmy-Award winning ESPN producer Melissa Jacobs, TFG, as it is fondly called, is a widely recognised football platform. It caters to football lovers, providing latest news, features, commentaries, analysis and even predictions. TFG is also open to contributors, so you can lend your voice to the sport.


Name: RunToTheFinish

Website: http://www.runtothefinish.com/

This website was founded by Amanda Brooks to provide support for runners or potential runners. Recognizing that there is so much more to running, she provides insight and tips into running that goes beyond pace. She provides research and information that you might not be privy to as a runner as well as a community to provide support.


Name: Baseball Musing

Website: http://www.baseballmusings.com/

Baseball Musing is a site for baseball news, analysis and opinions. It was established by David Pinto in 2001 after he hosted Baseball Tonight Online for ESPN. An experienced baseball fan who has been in the baseball world since 1969, David provides you with great reading on everything that concerns baseball. 


Name: Fanspeak

Website: https://fanspeak.com/

Created by Steve and Meghan Shoup, Fanspeak is a blog for sports fans. It is literally a platform for anything related to being a fan of sports. You get the latest news and information from various leagues, sports tools as well as information on sports betting on the best betting sites. 


Name: Real Madrid News

Website: http://www.realmadridnews.com/

This website is dedicated to Real Madrid FC. Although not the official website of the football club or even affiliated to it, the blog serves as a source of all things Real Madrid. They created an environment for the club fans, bringing them updated news, resources, commentary, analysis, match reports and much more. 


Name: Illegal Curve

Website: http://illegalcurve.com/

Illegal Curve is the home for the fans of Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose. The blog is the source of all the Jets and Manitoba news that you should have access to as a fan. You get to enjoy daily updates that you would have to search the internet for and also stay updated on reports on game days. 


Name: Voices of Wrestling

Website: http://www.voicesofwrestling.com/

This website is a platform for fans of wrestling. Voices of wrestling is basically giving a voice to everything wrestling. They provide updated news, information, analysis and commentary on wrestling. There is also the VOW podcast if you would prefer listening to audio. 


Name: The Rugby Blog

Website: http://www.therugbyblog.com/

The Rugby Blog is a home for rugby fans to get information on their beloved sport. The website is a good source for news, resources, analysis and commentary on rugby. So, if you are a rugby fan, the Rugby Blog is a platform to visit. 


Name: Football Paradise

Website: https://www.footballparadise.com/

Football Paradise is a platform for not just football news but all the conversations surrounding football. There are different categories to enjoy the resources provided. They include interviews, the culture of football, investigation, news and book reviews. 


Name: All Wrestling

Website: https://allwrestling.com/

All Wrestling is the resource centre for in-depth wrestling materials. If you are a lover of wrestling, this is a great site to visit for community news, analysis, editorials, opinion pieces, and any other wrestling content. If you are a fan of wrestling, you are sure to find any content you need. 


Name: BeatingBetting

Website: https://www.beatingbetting.co.uk/

Betting is increasingly getting popular among sports fans, so they do not just enjoy their game but also make income on the side. Beating Betting is a betting blog and resource centre for sports betting guide, tips, and Betfair trading advice amongst others. If you want to gain more profits, then this blog is where to be. 


Name: Holdout Sports

Website: https://www.holdoutsports.com/

Holdout Sports pride themselves with providing you with sports stories you cannot just make up. If you are a fan of sports, especially in America, you get to enjoy content from the major sports leagues in the country. These include the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, WWE and UFC amongst others. You also have the opportunity to buy tickets for your favourite games.


Name: Talk Chelsea

Website: http://www.talkchelsea.net/

Although not the official site of Chelsea FC or officially affiliated to the club, Talk Chelsea is a Chelsea Football Club fansite. Overseen by a group of Chelsea fans, the site is a go-to platform for comprehensive content on Chelsea. The forum is also available to interact with a community of other Chelsea fans. 


Name: Football Faithful

Website: http://thefootballfaithful.com/

Football Faithful is a growing football website both in the UK and Ireland for in-depth analysis on football. The site brings you the latest news, football features, opinion, analysis, commentary and reactions from the different leagues. You can also enjoy past games, weekly podcasts and a number of challenging quizzes. 


Name: Blood and Mud

Website: http://bloodandmud.com/

Blood and Mud was created in 2007 to fill a gap in the rugby world. The creators established the blog because they were looking for sites with comprehensive rugby coverage but couldn’t find any that satisfied their need. To fill the gap they found, they created this website for rugby fans to find content from enthusiasts who are not only knowledgeable about the game but also care about the game.


Name: The Football Pink

Website: https://footballpink.net/

Established in 2012, the Football Pink prides itself as a respected source of football content catering to millions of football fans. The award-winning blog is the handwork of a collection of writers, bloggers, illustrators and photographers who provide their opinions, musings, observations and stories to fans through articles or podcasts.


Name: The Full Toss

Website: http://www.thefulltoss.com/

TFT, as it is fondly called, is described as a home of independent cricket writing. The blog is a community of cricket fans and especially fans of the England national team. Founded in 2009, the blog is a platform for cricket fans to interact with other fans and share their love for cricket while also getting the latest news and information that relates to their beloved sport.


Name: Diamond Hoggers

Website: http://diamondhoggers.com/

This website was established by a former collegiate baseball player in 2007. The blog takes a different tune from other sports blog by taking a humorous perspective while not forsaking the informative perspective. So, if you are a baseball fan who wants informative content on baseball while also getting some humour in, this is the blog for you.


Name: Love Tennis Blog

Website: http://www.lovetennisblog.com/

As the name implies, this is a platform for you if you love tennis. The blog was established in 2010 by three friends from Queen’s University Belfast Tennis Club. The website has continued to serve as a resource centre for tennis players, coaches and fans on the latest news, reviews, analysis, and commentary on the sports as well as a source of amazing tennis gear.


Name: La Liga Blog

Website: http://www.laligablog.com/

La Liga Blog is a blog created in 2011 by an English student, Andy Macfarlane, who has a great love for Spanish football. The platform caters to fans of Spanish football, providing updated news, transfer rumours and news, views and opinions, La Liga table and results. There is also an opportunity for fans who want to contribute content.


Name: Foot the Ball

Website: https://www.foottheball.com/

The blog communicates to the fans based on the fact that they “eat and breathe” football. As a fan of football, you will enjoy in-depth content on the major football leagues and the world of football in general. There are different categories of content, including the latest news, transfer news, locker room, videos and even information on the WAGS.


Name: MLS Fantasy Boss

Website: https://mlsfantasyboss.com/

Created in 2014 by Reid Dashdar, the blog started from a fun fantasy league created by Dashdar and a friend. Now, MLS Fantasy Boss provides MLS fantasy tips that are based on statistics to help grow the fantasy game and MLS world.

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