Football Betting Terms: The Complete List of Online Betting Terms

Football Betting Terms: The Complete List of Online Betting Terms

Do you want to succeed at betting using the best football prediction site?   Then you have to acquaint yourself with some online betting terms.

Football betting is both an art and science. Understanding how it works is something you need to know which is why we also put out a guide to football betting.

But having the guide without a knowledge of online betting terms terminologies.

Find below a glossary of betting terms.


This is a type bet that occurs when bettors combine more than one game on the same betting coupon to increase their chances of winning big.

Asian handicap

This type of market uses a goal/point deficit to separate competing teams by given the lesser some goals ahead.

Away to score

This is the option available to bet on a team playing on away match to score at least one goal in the match.

Away No Bet (ANB)

Meaning the away team must be victorious in the match and if it draws the match will be voided, however it loses, the match will be lost.


This is a stake risked over the eventual outcome of an event with the hope of making an appropriate gain.


One who is engaged in staking on the probability of an event which he/she can either win or lose, In most countries, he/she must be of age (18 years of age).

Betting limits

A system applied by betting companies’ to limit the number of games a bettor can bet on or accumulate on a single event,

Bet trader

An online betting site in charge of setting algorithms and stimulations for interested bookmakers


This is a term used to refer to betting companies who determine how the odds are set up in games, types of market available to be staked on. And in short the daily running of a particular betting market they are entrusted in.


This is a reward system given by bookmakers to bettors who bet on high host and huge accumulations. The percentages of bonuses differ but it ranges from 50% to 300%.

Both teams to score

Also known as GG (Goal Goal), in this option, a bettor is allowed to bet on the outcome that both of the teams involved in an event will score at least a goal each.


Cards betting is determined on the total number of yellow cards that will be allocated to each team in the match, you can also stake on which teams will have the highest amount of yellow cards in the match


This option is available in almost every bookmaker; however, it is usually available to only online customers. For this option, if you accumulate more than two games and it remains some games for your gamble to materialize and you are not patient to wait. You can request to cash-out the available cash from your bookie; however, the total amount given to you will be way less than your actual winnings.

Closing line

This is available odd given before an event is closed for betting. Gamblers who can escape the closing line will have greater returns on their betting investments.

Clean sheet

It is a type of market where a stake is placed on a particular team not to concede a single goal until the end of the match.

Correct score

This is a market type available for bettors who can accurately predict the eventual scoreline of an event.



Corner betting occurs in two ways. You either bet o the total number of corner that will be played in the match which will start from over and under 7.5 corners to over and under 13.5 corners. Another aspect of corners is to predict who will have the most corners in the match or if the corners in the match will end in a draw

Dog racing

This is a game where a set of six dogs are set to race against each other and bettors are given the opportunities to bet on the eventual winner and runner-up of the race.

Double chance

It is a type of bet where you bet on a particular team to either win or draw an event. It is meant for bettors who are wary that their favorite team might falter.


A kind of bet where you stake that, the outcome of a match will be a stalemate for the teams involved.

Draw No Bet (DNB)

An option available to bettors in which if the pay a win DNB it means the team must come out victorious and not lose, if it loses the bet is lost, however, if the team draws, the bet is voided.


A Dividend in betting terms is the amount returned on a winning Tote bet. This is declared in decimal odds and your stake is included in the return

European handicap

This market occurs when a team has a full advantage in contrast to his opponent. In this type of bet, three possible outcomes are expected in aversion to Asian handicap

Even fund

A bet type that gives a decimal odds of 2.00.Which means you gain double of whatever you stake on a particular event.

Extra Time

A type of option available mostly in cup competitions that may witness extra time, a gambler is allowed to predict if the match will end in normal time or in extra time.

First-half sub

The kind of market where a substitution is supposed to happen in the first half of the game for the bet to be won.

First scorer

This market makes you determine which teams or players will score first in a match.



Fixed game

An event which is believed to have been determined by dubious and strewed means before the event actually takes place. (for example, Calcio polio fixed game scandal in Italy)


One who prides himself has been able to predict the outcome of events to a reasonable degree


This market is to determine the total number of fouls committed by both teams in the match.


In edging in betting climes, it means to stake on both sides of the market in order to take advantage of discrepancies in price and minimize risks.

Highest scoring half (HSH)

Highest scoring half is a bet type where you determine which of the two halves of the match witness the most goals. Also, you can also bet that there will be an equal amount of goals I the first half and second half.

In play

In play means to bet on a live game before it finishes.


It can be referred to as the aim of every bettor. It is the highest amount a bettor can make from a bookie. It varies depending on a particular bookmaker. For some it is 20m dollars for others it is 50m while for some it is 100m.


A kind of market where you are given a chance to choose the range of which the goals in a match will end, e.g 1-4,2-5,1-3.

Most valuable player(MVP)

This is a bet placed on certain players to emerge s the most valuable players in a match.





This is a symbol of a perceived probability of an event which a bet is placed on fractional odds and decimal odds. For fractional odds, we have ½,3/5,1000/1 and for decimal odds, we have 1.23,2.35,6.00 etc.


An option that allows you predict whether the total number of goals in the match will be an odd number or an even number.

One game cut option

This option is available to certain bookmakers and it is meant to attract more bettors. This option entails that if and only if one ticket spoils your ticket, you will be given a small part of your winnings minus the bonus.


This market is based on goals expected to be scored in a match. It can be over 0.5 goals ,1.6,2.5,3.5,3.5above.


The penalty option has several sub-sections. One is will there be a penalty in the match. Another is will the penalty be scored or missed. You can stake on either of the options


A punter is a type of gambler who forecast relatively low odds and bet a huge sum of money on it.

Red card

A red card is an option which determines if there will be a red card in the match and how many red cards will be given.

Red no show

A particular type of bet available to bettors of colors,  where the red color is stake on not to appear for one to make a profit.

Score both halves

A market where the chosen team is expected to score at least one goal in each half



It is a type of games where money is staked on a single event. It is a very safe method of betting, but you need to stake high to make a profit

Special bets

Bookmakers make available special bets to accommodate the unconventional type of options available for customers. Such special bets include time to score, how the goals will be scored (head, feet).

Straight win

This market is available to those who wish to bet on a team to win a match outrightly.

Substitution to score

The option available where t is expected for a substitute to either score or not score when brought in.

Total goals

In this option, you are given the choice to determine the total goals that will be scored in the match.


Trifecta is a market available to dog racing. It allows you to choose how three top dogs (winner and two runner-ups) will line up in an event.


This market allows you to select which dogs will finish in which position at the end f the race.

Two match

The option available to stake  player number games where two numbers are expected to appear out of a possible six for one to make a profit



Virtual games are an online stimulated betting game where gamblers are allowed to stake on various teams and it runs between one or two minutes for the games to end. It is meant for gamblers who are not patient enough to wait for real-life games.


Win either half (WEH)

A betting type where a team is expected to win either the first or second half of the match

Win to nil (WTN)

This is a type of bet on a team is expected to win a match without conceding any goal.

There you have it. A list of sports betting terminologies that you need to know to become a football basie.

Think we missed any terms? Send over your football betting terms

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