100+ Sports Sites to Guest Post in 2020

100+ Sports Sites to Guest Post in 2020

This post was last updated on February 17th, 2020

If there is one thing you can agree with me, getting a site to guest post in the sports niche can be extremely difficult.

And when it comes to specific niches within this industry eg gambling, betting, individual niches such as basketball, horse racing, then you know how difficult it can be.

That is why I have created this resource to help you find sites for guest posting within the sports industry.

NB: This list is hand-curated which means all the website information presented below has been manually verified. Also, this list is going to be updated frequently so feel free to suggest or recommend a site for inclusion if you ever find one. Send your pro tip to adeleke@bettingwins24.com

But first, lets’ define some basic concept

What is guest posting

Guest posting or guest blogging is the process of writing content for another website in order to increase your own traffic, authority or backlinks.

Why Should You Guest Post on Other Sites

Guest posting is done for a lot of reasons. Most people carry out guest posting because they want a place to get backlinks. While this is the major reason why most people guest post, it is actually one of the least reasons you should pursue if you actually want to get the main benefit of guest posting.

A good guest post should achieve the following three things

  • Traffic:
  • Brand Awareness
  • Authority

When done properly you usually should get the benefits named above. But we all know that in a digital world, it might be impossible. Where possible, aim for the first benefit. If not, at least aim for one of the benefits

Should Guest Posting Be Paid?

This is a very controversial question to answer. This is because any link you pay for is against the Google guidelines which frown on gratification for link building. According to Google, links should be earned and not paid for.

How much this is being enforced and how possible this is, is another debate on its own. However,, if you ask for my advice, I will say:

  • Do not pay for links. That is exactly why I have curated this page. It contains a list of places you can find free guest posts within the sporting industry.
  • If you have to pay for links, make sure that it is openly declared.
  • When in doubt, no-follow such links
  • Avoid websites that are not relevant to your industry.

List of Sports Blogs for Guest Posting

  1. WorldinSports | DA: 42 | Topics: Sports
  2. Sportsthenandnow | DA: 54 | Topics: General Sports
  3. SportsNetworkers | DA: 48 | Topics: Sports
  4. SportsUnbaised | DA: 40 | Topics: Sports
  5. Sports and Politics | DA: 27 | Topics:
  6. MyCricketZone | DA: 11 | Topics: Crickets
  7. EssentiallySports | DA: 54 | Topics: Chess, Tennis, General Sports, Crickets
  8. Bowling2u | DA: 42 | Topics: Bowling
  9. SportsWhy | DA: | Topics:
  10. GoldenGatesSports | DA:55 | Topics: Soccer, NBA, NFL, F1 and More
  11. FueledBySports | DA: 34 | Topics: Sports News
  12. SportsPundit: | DA: | Topics: Sports, Soccer
  13. LastWorldOnBaseball | DA: | Topics: Baseball
  14. Fox | DA: 91 | Topics: Sports
  15. GarberSports | DA:19 | Topics: Sports
  16. Gomlab | DA: 20 | Topics: Sports
  17. SportsBroadcastjournal | DA: | Topics: Sports Interviews, News
  18. Sportcious | DA: 28 | Topics: Crickets, Football, Sports, Basketball
  19. Sports | DA: 36 | Topics: Soccer
  20. AllSportsTalk | DA: 31 | Topics: General Sports

List of Soccer/Football Sites for Guest Posting

List of Betting Sites for Guest Posting

  1. SportsBettingDime | DA:56 | Topics: Betting
  2. BettingWins24 | DA:21 | Topics: Soccer Betting
  3. SportsBetListing | DA: 27 | Topic: Soccer Betting

List of Basketball Sites for Guest Posting

List of Casino Sites for Guest Posting

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