The Beginners Guide To Football Betting

Do you want a beginner guide to football betting that teaches you all the secrets, tips to bet on football without the noise and still win more bets?

This article is intended to open the eyes of bettors and gamblers alike into the world of football betting.

Betting is as old as time itself but with the advent of the internet and computers, the betting platform has grown so huge, that most bookmakers have both online and offline offices.

Betting makes you put in a small amount of money with the hope of winning a huge amount of money. But you can only achieve this, if you have the proper advice and strategies as will be provided here. People are winning daily; you can also be one of them.

Types of Football Betting

There are plethora of options and types in the world of football betting, these options are given by the bookmakers to entice regular and new bettors to the array of games they can play to win their games.

  1. Straight win: This option stipulates that the team chosen will win the game out rightly. You should only choose this option if you are very sure that the game will not end in a stalemate. Make sure you play this type when the big teams play the relatively small teams. For example, when Real Madrid plays Huesca, the best option is straight win and also when Manchester City plays Huddlesfield or when PSG plays Strasbourg. However note that the odds given may be small, it is usually sure.
  1. Double chance (1x or x2): This type of football game is available when you are unsure if your favorite team will win the game. Of course nothing is sure in life, so if you are very scared of placing your bets on straight win you can also play the options of win or draw as this will give you extra cover if the team you picked fails to win safe. This option should be played when team with relatively the same strength and weakness plays. Like when Madrid and Barcelona plays or Bordeaux and Marseille.
  1. Over/Under goals (0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5): You can also play a goals types of games ,but you have to carefully study the teams or leagues before you place your bet. Some teams score lots of goals and some leagues produce lots of goals. For example in the USA and Australia leagues, the play lots of over 2.5 goals per match, therefore you can key into this. Also in leagues like Iran and Venezuela, they do not score many goals.
  1. BTS and GG (Both teams to score and goal goal): This market is available to bettors who are interested in the goals option. It is an alternate t the over 1.5 options and even better because the odds are high. But please note that always play these options when teams with equal strengths in attack play. For example when Arsenal and Chelsea play, when PSG and Monaco plays or when PSV and Ajax plays.
  1. Half time Sub: The substitution market is a market which has not been tapped fully, because it is not really predictable, however with the right statistics, you can mine it.This options lets you bet that a team will not substitute a player in the first half and will only substitute in the second half or half time.You have to be careful though because injuries to player in the first half can force a manager to make a substitution in the first half.

The Basic Rules of Betting

Football betting is entertaining and interesting; however you have to know certain tenets and rules in order to avoid some potholes and obstacles and also to be able to make profit

Rule one: Betting companies are not your friend. No matter how funny and welcoming bookmakers are, they are all after your money, therefore don’t be seduced and always be wise when dealing with them. If you don’t lose, how then do you expect them to make money?

Rule two: Always read terms and conditions of betting sites. This is very important because various betting companies have diverse rules that guide their site and there is always a loopholethere, therefore read it carefully before staking with them. For example, an American football betting site has on its terms that all bets will only be considered within the 90 minutes of games played, that means extra time and penalties are not considered. If you play straight win and the game enters in to extra time goalless and your teams wins in the extra time, you lose!

Rule three: Know when to leave. In life, we win some and we lose some, when you win after you place a bet, don’t get greedy and keep on playing especially for virtual bettors. You won’t win every day and you won’t lose every day. Have control and know when to take a break.

Top Football Betting Mistakes to Avoid

There is no way we won’t make mistakes in Life, but we should make sure we don’t repeat such mistakes. We are certain to stumble in a joyous way into the betting world, some of this mistake are but not limited to:

  1. Big teams always win: This is one of the ways that bookmakers win. We always think that the big boys like Arsenal, Chelsea, Benfica, PSG, Barcelona and Juventus will always win. This is the greatest lie of the century, big teams lose win and sometimes stumble against very weak teams. Therefore do not always assume big teams win even if there odds are low, Real Bet is defeated Read Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu also Bournemouth walloped Chelsea last season at Stamford bride 3-0…be warned.
  1. Odds matter: This is a fallacy that many believe, that just because a team is given 1.20 odds and the other team is 19 odd, the 1.20 will wallop the 19 odd. It is not always so.You have to research properly to know who will win, draw or lose.
  1. Playing every day and every times:There is a time for everything and a season for every deed. It is not advisable to always play bets every day. Why? You can’t win every day! Take your time and do proper research, then place your bets maybe in a space of three days or weekends.

Advantages of Football Betting

There are several advantages to football betting, some of these advantages are:

  1. Instant Profit making: Businesses are started for profit purposes, and sport betting guarantees that both for betting companies and the bettor. Every week and day betting companies churns out profit also every week various bettors are winning games. Such profit gives joy to both parties.
  1. Tax-free: All winnings from gambling in most European countries are tax-free.
  1. Job creation: Football betting has created diverse job opportunities for people who have been in the labor market for so long. Betting companies employ staffs who work for them and are paid their salaries monthly.
  1. Increases your analytic ability: Forecasting of football games makes one enhances his cognitive capacity. When you do this regularly you make constant use of your brain to play bets and scientists have found out that it enhances people reason and psychic.

Disadvantages of Football Betting

There is a downside though to football betting and some of the cons are:

  1. Constant Loss of Money: Frequent betting on football without success can make one lose money that could have been put to use to a better endeavor. When this happens, sadness and desperation creep in and bettors are in a state of despair. Due to this crime and suicide enters the society.
  1. Leads to bad addiction: Frequent football betting can lead to one having a bad addiction. When you are addicted to betting, it is a very bad thing. One should know when to stop and when to continue. Control is the key.

Betting, particularly football betting has come to stay, therefore for people who have the capital to invest in this endeavor, one can key into it, however, it is important that one should be guided by certain rules in order to make an appropriate profit and for one to avoid losing money. Also, do not forget that winnings in betting are 50% research and 50% luck, therefore always hope for luck to shine on you even after making your research.

There you have it. The complete beginner guide to football betting. What lesson have you learned to bet on football?

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