Football Betting Infographic – A Visual Guide to Football Betting

Football Betting Infographic – A Visual Guide to Football Betting

Like it or leave it, sports betting has come a long way.

Therefore we have decided to publish this football betting infographic for our visual readers who may rather instead of reading our guide on football betting, prefer to learn visually.

In this infographic, you will learn a lot.

Some of the things you will learn include

  • What is football betting?
  • Some football betting statistics
  • Common Mistake gamblers make when betting on football
  • 5 top tips to help you win whenever you decide to bet on sports

Without much ado, check out the infographic below.

football betting infographics
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What is football betting?

Like I said earlier, football betting is when you place a bet on a football match. In a football match, there are usually 3 options via win, lose or draw.

Football Betting Statistics

  • Over $1tr is spent on betting annually
  • 70% of this money comes from betting on football
  • Men as much as women are placing bets on football

What Sports Do People Bet on

  • Football
  • Horse racing
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Golf

Betting Mistakes to Avoid As Gambler

  • Betting too greedy: A good gambler knows when to cash in and when to place a bet. Avoid being greedy
  • Emotions have no place when it comes to football betting
  • A lot of people will promise you winning streaks. Do not blindly trust anyone

Here is how to Place Bets and Win

  • Make sure you conduct your research. You can learn from your own mistakes or get help from experts
  • Remain analytical. No room for emotions
  • If it is only a few profits, you make. That is fine
  • Keep records
  • There is no proof –way of winning bet.

If you are new to football betting, you may want to check out this guide we put together on what football betting is all about.

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