Write for us – Guidelines

Do you feel like you have what it takes to write interesting articles about sports in general? Do you have the creative juice to put your own spin on issues relating to covering all aspect of the sporting world including gambling?

Then we love to hear from you.

At BettingWins24, we believe that everyone has a voice and if you want to air them using our platform, then you are welcome. While we do not have a strict requirement with regards to content length, format, type, we have a simple in house checklist to ensure that only highly reputable and well-written content is posted on our site.

Our readers are human and we assume that you are human too.

Let’s go over some simple housekeeping rules

  • Our topic area covers the sporting world with an emphasis on betting, sports news, and more.
  • We prefer actionable posts, analysis, prediction or trend news. Which means your article must likely be above 1500 words.
  • We allow links in the body of the article but it must be related to the context. If we notice any unusual links, we reserve the right to remove it without apology.
  • You will get a link in the author’s bio so link intelligently within your content.
  • We do not accept paid guest posting, do not exchange links and have not interest in paying writers. If your article is top-notch, we will accept it with you having to do anything extra.
  • If in doubt, send in your pitch first. If not, we accept all written articles.
  • We do not repost articles and only unique content will be published. We do carry out our checks.

Thank you for your interest and if the guidelines are okay with you, we will love to hear from you. However, due to the number of requests we get, we may not be able to respond to every post and give a reason why they are rejected. If your article is accepted, it will be published within 7 days.

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